For those of you who followed my blog prior to now… I cleaned it up a bit. From now on, I am focusing my posts on my latest adventure 🙂 



That’s right, I made it ya’ll. My journey has begun and I am so excited to share with you all about it. I started the official adventure yesterday (Thursday) at 12:30 PM when mama Hoeschen dropped me off at the airport. At that point, I really didn’t know how I felt. I was everything under the sun; excited, nervous, anxious, sad, happy, etc. What was to come, was so unknown to me. However, I often try to familiarize myself with that feeling, because it reminds me i’m alive and that I am going somewhere in this life 🙂

Anyways, of course my luggage was overweight (have you ever tried to pack for AN ENTIRE YEAR? Give me a break) Whatever you are picturing that to look like right now is probably right. It was a complete mess of clothes, shoes, bags, etc flying everywhere on the airport floor. After what seemed like FOREVER of trying to get rid of stuff and rearrange to meet the requirements I headed inside. Once inside, I waited for an ETERNITY get through security so at this time it was 1:30 an my flight was leaving at 1:45. You would think with all that time, I would have thought to double check my carry on bags right? Well you guess it, as I went through security.. all three of my carry on’s beeped. Which meant they had to go through every bag one by one. Let me remind you that I had 10 minutes at this point to catch my flight. Also, please remember that the security do not move fast through your bags while searching.  After finding all of my lotions (yeah, yeah.. that happened) it was 1:45 and  I was SPRINTING to my plane and you know what… my guardian angel was with me because I made it, barely. 

After that flight and the next from Detroit, I finally landed in White Plaines, New York. I hadn’t had any nerves or second thoughts the entire way until the moment I stepped off that last plane. As i walked to baggage claim, I saw Tracey (mom) right away and knew I chose the right family. We immediately started talking and she was so sweet. 

We were on our way to Connecticut. The ride was about 40 minutes and was really enjoyable. Tracey and I had the chance to talk and bond a bit. It came natural and easy, which was an awesome feeling 🙂 

(Side note: even though Tracey was nothing but sweet and kind, it was also pouring rain… lightning..hailing..pitch black…thundering..on back roads…surrounded by only woods and trees…i had no idea where or how far we were…my cell phone had died…never the less, I wasn’t totally at ease yet and was convinced this was the scariest/bravest thing I had ever done). 


We walked in and I was greeted by my new furry friend, Buster the beagle pup. Then, finally.. the boys! Let me tell you, they are a bunch of heart throbs. My heart melted at first sight. Micheal, the 5 year old is a ball of fire who talks and thinks faster than…. I can’t even compare. Robert (Bob) is a very confidant, sweet and kind who is 8. Tyler (T), is absolutely the “older brother” who cares, and is extremely intelligent. From our first night of meeting each other, I knew I was in for it with all of their energy, but I could hardly wait. 

Tracey showed me around the house, which is BEAUTIFUL. No words can describe it other than… I am still trying to find my way around with out getting lost. She then showed me my room and by this time it was 10:30PM, so I unpacked and hit the hay as I was to be up at 6AM the following morning…hello real world 🙂 

And that was the end of the first day, but the very beginning of my journey. 



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