feeling lucky.

I couldn’ t be happier in what I am doing and I sure have lucked out. For the month of July I am in charge of 4 kiddos each day and they rock. I have had such a blast getting to know them and still am in shock at how well behaved they are. They treat me with respect, listen to me and they are so fun to be around. Being there ages are 11, 10, 8 and 5 we are busy everyday and by 8pm we are all ready to hit the hay. Β Β 

My family here is so so so sweet and they are good to me. They definitely support me in my decision to come all the way out here, and to go explore and get out of the house when I am off. They are flexible with hours, respectful of my space, and also make me feel comfortable and at home. There was a part of me before I got here that was nervous to be a ‘live-in’ I didn’t know what that dynamic would be like. So far it has been no problem at all. They have truly taken me in as being part of their family. From being invited to family outings, being part of family dinners, movie nights, etc. I couldn’t be happier.
I am feeling like such a lucky gal πŸ™‚Β 


Random note of the day: It’s been pretty shocking how many times I have been referred to as the mother of all 4 kiddos. Must mean this is a good gig for me? πŸ˜‰ Happy Happy Wednesday everyone. I’m off to Trivia Wednesday in Stamford with some friends and i’m feelin’ lucky!


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