I went to a pent house party in NYC for the 4th of July. Yes, that happened.

Happy Happy 4th of July from the East 🙂 

I woke up with a heart missing home more than ever. Never have I ever spent a 4th of July not on the chain of lakes in Richmond, MN with the Schnieder crew. Luckily I have an awesome family who kept me updated through out the day with pictures, texts and calls! It was pretty tough thinking about not being on the water, with some of the world’s greatest people though. 

I spent most of the day hanging out as I had the day off! I was planning on heading into town with my family here to watch the fireworks. I was pumped to check out the scene here for the holiday. 

Then I got a call from one of my friends in Stamford to come to NYC with him and his friends for the 4th. After some thought, I couldn’t pass it up. Get this, when I told my boss I was going to NYC for the holiday, he gave me Friday off…best.boss.ever. 

I met up with my friends in Stamford and we headed into NYC. On the way, they dropped the line “we’re going to our friends private party in his pent house” However you are picturing my face to look like when I heard that is most likely right.  After a few seconds of trying to act normal… I shouted “WHAT?”  They explained our names were on a list, there would be a DJ on the patio, and I would meet other people too. After being informed I then flew to cloud 9. 

Once we arrived, were checked in, we headed up to the pent house. Here are some photos I took. Note: I was made fun of for obnoxiously snapping pictures and freaking out as much as I was and I didn’t care one bit.



During the tour of the PENT HOUSE I stumbled across this: Image

This pent house has been used as the apartment in episodes of  Law & Order.

Everyone who came over was from all over the world. Some people were interning, some were visiting, some on vacation, other’s lived there. It was such an awesome crowd. Everyone was so outgoing and fun. I have always felt like I am a rather outgoing person. I never stress about meeting new people or worry too much. Here though, I feel more adventurous and outgoing then ever. Everyone I have met seems the same way. We meet once and are instant friends, and I like that. Whenever I see or meet people in New York I am fascinated with their story. It seems that no one is ever from New York. Everyone had to work to make it or end up there.  Those stories and the journey of some I learned about are what remind me to keep following your dreams.  Hard work and determination do pay off.  

The night was so much fun! Having the fireworks right in front of me over the Hudson River, the Empire State Building lighting up next to me and to be surrounded by so much culture and diversity was truly an amazing experience.

I would say the 4th of July this year was a success. 

I hope everyone had a great holiday. Xo IMG_3482



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