we made it!

(I can’t figure out why some pictures are smaller than others. If you have a hard time seeing them (cough Schneider ladies cough cough), you can click on them and they should enlarge!)

Five summers ago, I had an awesome opportunity to work at Legionville Summer Camp in Brainerd, MN. My very first day I met a guy named Brian. Brian and I became instant friends and have remained super close ever since. One of our very first conversations and bonding subjects was about New York. We shared dreams of one day making it in New York and living there after we graduated. Each summer we planned a trip to visit and folks…. we finally did it 🙂 



I hadn’t seen Brian in about two years due to school, work, HIS INTERNSHIP IN CALIFORNIA WITH ELLEN DEGENERES. Finally, we were meeting up in NEW YORK. The train ride is only about 40 minutes from where I live now (most people in New Canaan commute by train into the city for work, it is very common) but let me tell you it seemed like 40 hours this weekend due to the anticipation and excitement to be reunited with a dear friend. When i made it to Grand Central, I basically sprinted from my train into the main terminal. We planned to meet on the steps, as soon as I made it over there, looked up…THERE HE WAS!!!!!!! Yes, yes it was just like a movie. 


Grand Central Terminal is one of my favorite spots in NYC. It’s always crowded and busy with people literally from all over. It’s like a preview of NY before you step outside. There is this energy and excitement in GC from everyone..finally making it into NY. 


Brian and I have so much energy when we are together. Once we settled down a bit, we ventured out into the citaaay! We started our day off by grabbing lunch at one of my favorite spots in the city called “Dig Inn” It’s a great fast but healthy place to stop and grab a bite to eat. Here is the link  to the place if you ever get the chance to go: http://www.diginn.com/food/They are also all over the city!

Then we ventured to another one of my favorite places… CENTRAL PARK!!!  We spent a few hours just walking/wondering around. It’s a weird dynamic to me that this beautiful, calm, quiet park, is in the middle of a crazy, chaotic, loud city.


As we were sitting on a bench people watching you’ll never guess…all of a sudden walks pass one of my good friends from college. Crazy right? 



I could not believe it! We both had a moment of ‘freak out’ and we’re so happy for that moment. It reminded me how small the world actually is. Here I am on this great big adventure, and I run into a good friend of mine from small town Wisconsin. 

We then met up with one of Brian’s friends who was from TX. We all walked around and explored NY together more. They both showed me where they are interning for the summer which was at CNN and Radio City….I hang out with cool people…I know. 

for dinner we hit this AWESOME burger place called bareburger. It’s a must if you ever go to NY. Here is the link: http://www.bareburger.com/ It’s all natural and organic. Also it’s extremely chill, laid back and reasonable 🙂 

On We spent the night exploring Times Square and walking around the city!

Sunday we were on our way to grab breakfast when we stumbled across another street fair (all over in NY). We walked in and quickly realized, no one was speaking English. It was a French Street fair with live music, food, stands, vendors, games, drinks, etc. IT WAS SO COOL. We sat and watched the Bachi Ball competitions that were going on. We were so amused by the language and what was going on.. I seriously felt like I was in France.

IMG_3300 You never know what you’re going to run into in New York, and I like that.

Then we headed to the MET.  For anyone who is like me and spending a day at the museum isn’t at the very top of your list..the MET is for you! It’s for everyone. It’s donation based which is rare for an museum in NY. There are endless exhibits and they are really neat, like this one with cool designs:


Here is a link to my favorite exhibit though: http://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2013/punk/video. I tried snapping a few pictures but then I was yelled at and asked to leave the exhibit for photography. Tourist status 😦

The best part of the MET?   



You can order food & drinks on the rooftop too! It’s a great place to hang out and enjoy the view. It was also a great spot for Brian and I to reflect on where we are in our lives, the stage and how we got to be where we are. It was an awesome and exciting day. So awesome I couldn’t help but share my happiness in a photo. So i’ll leave ya with this:



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