I have fallen in love.

I have fallen in love with Brooklyn, NY. 

This last weekend I went to New York to visit another new friend Sydney. We actually had never met, but had a really good mutual friend that hooked us up. Sydney just moved to NYC in June. We met at Grand Central and clicked right away. Everyone I have met here my age so far, has just moved to the area and we all share the same energy and excitement. Sydney and I could barely catch out breath while talking. We had never met needless to say we had a lot to learn about each other! After taking the subway to her place to drop off my things, we ventured out into the city.

We had no plans, we just started walking. Can you tell that’s my favorite thing to do there? 😉

We came across so many fun places . First, we were drawn to music we heard. As we walked towards it we came to find out it was a middle eastern street fair. We tried food samples, watched the dances, performers, people and looked at the booths. On our way to the Hudson River Boardwalk, we ran into Chelsea Market.


Chelsea Market is almost like a mall. There are so many food vendors from all over the world. There are different grocery markets, bake shops, etc. There are also a few shopping places such as Anthropologie (you bet we spent about a good 1 1/2 in there). We also came across an awesome market with brand name clothes that were cheaper to buy. It was only for the weekend, so it was very very packed. At the end of the strip we made it to a cool flea market. There was everything from scarves, jewlery, home goods, shoes, sunglasses, decorations, records, etc. If you ever are in NYC making your way from East Village, Midtown, or LES/LWS, to upper west and Hudson River STOP AT THE CHELSEA MARKET. Chelsea itself is an intersting and very wealthy part of NY, so it would be worth your time just to check out and EAT AWESOME FOOD! I wish I had taken a few photos to share but here is the link to the Chelsea Market:


Which it looks like they have A FOOD TOUR which means I will be going back in the near future. 


We finally made it to the Hudson River board walk. I visited here back in November and couldn’t wait to get back. Walking along the Hudson River there is a lot to do and see. Many spots to hang out, read, relax, tan, etc. You can walk, run, bike or rollerblade along the path for great exercise! The view is like nothing else. On one side you have the buildings of New York, then the river and right across is the New Jersey skyline. Syd and I grabbed an iced coffee and walked down the board. You can also kyak, canoe, paddle board, go on boat tours, etc. on the board walk so we agreed to do that before the summer is over!

Here is the link to the Hudson River Boardwalk: http://www.hudsonriverpark.org/explore-the-park/on-the-water It really is a great hang out place with tons to do by the water! 

After more exploring to So ho & midtown, we went back to her place to get ready for the evening. We met up with another friend from Jersey who joined us. We started our night off in Brooklyn at the BROOKLYN SURFBAR 

THIS WAS SUCH A COOL PLACE. All I could think of was my friends and family back home and how much they would love it. The bar was pure sand as the floor – how cool! Image

And the ceiling was all surf boards: 


You can only imagine the food and drinks here. Take a look for yourself: 


Next stop: Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn

None of us had been here but had only heard others rave about the rooftop! After getting in, we headed up there. On our way I learned that the Wythe Hotel Rooftop bar is ranked one of the best in the nation… HOW COOL!! 

It’s no wonder it’s ranked the best in the nation. It was such a fun atmosphere that was classy and elegant and had an amazing view. Here are a few pictures I found online: 



The skyline is New York City! From Brooklyn it’s an unreal view 🙂 

Our night didn’t end there. We went to a few other bars and they were very exciting. Brooklyn has an extremely different feel then New York City. Everyone in Brooklyn was chill, hipster and relaxed. It’s more of a place where younger people migrate. We had such a fun time. 





The next day Syd and I headed back to Brooklyn to check out the Brooklyn Flea Market. 

This was one of the best flea markets I have been too, ever.




Awesome, homemade, fresh, organic juice bar. Yum yum yum. 


This is real. My view from the flea. 

More info about the flea market? check it out here: http://www.brooklynflea.com/

After a full day spent in Brooklyn, we headed back to Syd’s place to gather my things. 



I couldn’t believe I had to part with Brooklyn already. Brooklyn has been such a blast. The people I met, the places I went and the atmosphere couldn’t have been better. Such an amazing weekend.

Until next time, Brooklyn. XoXo 





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