Happy day ya’ll.

Pretty sweet set up i have going on, huh? Something I absolutely love about my new home is this backyard. It’s so big with tones of wildlife and it’s very quiet. It is a perfect set up to have dinner outside, read a book, relax and for right…blog…even if it is 98 degrees out.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I hope you had time to step outside, take a breather and contemplate how amazing this life really is…I sure did.

This weekend I chose to stick around New Canaan. I have been having the time of my life visiting other places, meeting new people, hanging out with new friends and exploring with them but sometimes I think we all need a little breather.. so this was my weekend to do so.

Friday night I just hung around the house. It was really nice. Ok, I really worked out on the elliptical in the basement while watching the Notebook on TV and was in bed by 8:05, so that’s where my Friday night was at.

Saturday, I went to explore the town over, Ridgedale. I had no plans I just got in the car and went. The drive there was quite a site. I don’t know how to describe the scenery here because it won’t do it’s justice. The roads are narrow and long with beautiful, enormous trees and nature. The homes are breathtaking, absolutely breath taking. Also this is the greenest place I have ever been. It truly is breathtaking and I hope that if you ever get the chance to come to Connecticut, you do so. Your eyes will appreciate it 🙂

Anyways I got to Ridgedale and passed a sign for a museum. Museum’s aren’t really something I would choose to do but I was feeling adventurous and stopped.

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

<a IMG_3569

I was glad I stopped. It was a smaller museum with some pretty amazing exhibits.

I then ventured into town. Ridgedale is a lot like New Canaan with one strip downtown. It has a small town feel and the people were nice. It reminded me of up north MN like the Brainerd/Baxter/Pequot Lakes area with all the boutiques and strips they have.  After walking through all of them I came across a coffee shop, holla.

For those of you who don’t know, I am usually happiest when I come across any place with coffee. I hung out there for a while and was able to journal.IMG_3588
On Sunday the two older boys left for football camp leaving me this week with just have Michael and Kayleigh (cousin). It’s been pretty quiet having just two rather than all four. It’s less chaotic and busy, and actually I am  missing that. I am ready for the older boys to come home!

It has been pretty hot here. Actually that’s an understatement, it has been extremely hot.  It has worked out in our favor though because we all enjoy the pool! After I pick up the two from camp around 1:30/3:30 we stay at the pool until about 8:00pm.

Needless to say, you can now call me Lauren or Lobster. ..you decide.
I have been loving my schedule here. It’s really perfect for me. After I drop the kids off, I am off duty until I pick them up around 3:00. Then I have them until both parents are home which is usually 6:00 or earlier. Pretty sweet right?  It leaves me a lot of time to explore and get things done. This last week, I went a different route on my run and came across this:IMG_3605

IMG_3606Of course, I thought “perfect opportunity for adventure”  and “it must be pretty cool in there” so in I went.IMG_3604I made it about two feet until I ran into a snake and BOOKED it the other way and that was the extent of my adventure.

karma sucks. 

It’s an unusual day here if I don’t see wildlife. I can hardly believe it. A typical day consists of exotic birds, about 5 deer sightings, butterflies, etc.IMG_3632
Last night, I met up with a few friends of mine. We went over to her house and had dinner and swam in a beautiful swimming pool, seriously. I felt like the backyard was clipped right out of some designer magazine. From the landscape, the fountain in the pool, the furniture, lights, etc. It was quite the scene and pretty surreal.

On Sunday night, one of my favorite movies was on tv “We Bought A ZooIMG_3648If you haven’t seen the movie; it’s a must see. It’s a great ‘feel good’ movie with a powerful message about life. One of my very favorite quotes is from the movie. It has really served as true  thus far on my journey. I have felt more brave and comfortable here than I ever have. It’s a weird feeling to think about. Here I am in this new place with new people and a new home I knew nothing about before I came but here I am, having the absolute time of my life.bdd85e43c61850ba0e8cf4f768890f41


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