First Visitor!

This weekend I had my very first visitor! My friend, Brian (living in NYC this summer) came to Fairfield county. 

Saturday morning I picked him up from the train station and we came back to my house to cook brunch. It was so much fun, and delicious. After catching up and filling our stomachs we headed into town. There was an awesome street fair going on downtown New Canaan. Being the college grads we are still living on a budget, we were only able to look and dream of the day we could afford the apparel and accessories that were on sale. 🙂 

It was fun though. Brian got the ‘New Canaan’ experience. He made a comment during the day of exploring (Fairfield county), that he couldn’t believe how different and beautiful t it was, more of a difference than New York or anywhere he had ever been. 

After being in the beating sun for a few hours, we headed to the beach to cool off. I took him to the beach in Stamford, CT.  


Then it was off to South Norwalk.. SoNo. 

SoNo is a town a discovered on Friday night with my friends here. They couldn’t believe I hadn’t been yet and after going, I couldn’t believe it either. I love SoNo. There is a harbor there and up the street are shops, restaurants, an aquarium, bars, A MARTINI BAR, museums, etc.


Stamford CT is to Minneapolis as SoNo, CT is to St. Paul.Image

Brian and I stopped in what we thought was a normal coffee shop. 



It was such a cool hang out place with couches, chairs, art work and tables. We ended up hanging out for an hour. 

We then headed back to New Canaan to cook dinner. We were feeling domesticated. With endless opportunities for meals, literally: 



(the cookbook shelf)

We opted to whip up stir fry. There is something so fun and nice about cooking meals. It made us feel so adult. 🙂 

Before we knew it is was getting pretty late so we headed into town, stopped for some ice-cream and I dropped him off at the train. It was a great day, and I think it’s safe to say my first visitor was a success. 

On Sunday I met up with some friends at the beer garden in Stamford, one of my favorite places and things to do here.


What an awesome way to spend my Sunday. Hanging out with friends, perfect weather, on the water, sipping this, ‘The Arrogant Bastard’: 







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