Thursday night, is date night.

Every Thursday, Michael and I have date night. After Thursday is over, until the next Thursday it’s all he looks forward to. I let him choose to do anything he wants after I pick him up from camp. 

Surprise surprise, he chose to go to the pool. 🙂 After a few hours there I took him to this awesome park in Ridgedale. I might have had more fun than him there.Image

We then ventured into town and passed a sweet shoppe. Of course it caught both of our eyes and we agreed it would be necessary to stop. It reminded me of The Chocolate Ox in Baxter, MN if you’ve ever been. Endless treats. After we had our dessert, we went to dinner.  Our dinner conversation was pretty intense. Michael once again brought up the point that I wasn’t married. He proceeded to tell me he didn’t know why I wasn’t married because I was a nice, beautiful girl with big ears, big teeth and handsome.

Ya know what Michael, with those features… i’m puzzled myself.  

On Friday, the older boys came home! I was so excited to see them. The night before, Kayleigh, Michael and I made ‘Welcome Home’ signs for them.  When they arrived home, they were wiped. The football camp they went to is well known as being one of the very best and most elite on the east coast. Many NFL players and coaches put on the camp. The camp is notorious for boys leaving early due to it being so intense. Let me remind you, the two boys have never played football until this year being they have been in Asia the past 11 years. All week we were thinking of them and expecting a call that they needed to be picked up. THEY MADE IT! We were all so proud and excited for them. 



Friday night, we headed to the pool and hung out. I also asked them to get together for a picture, and this was the result:

Are they not the cutest?

Have an awesome weekend. 




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