michael got handcuffs

well, i’m alive.

last Saturday the whole fam here hit the road and were off to DC, so it was a week off for this gal. I couldn’t have been more stoked.  A whole entire week off in a new place only meant one thing: lots of time for adventure. 🙂 

I would say that every night was my biggest adventure. You know how when you’re freaked out or scared, every single noise or movement seems that much more dramatic and scary? Yeah, note to self: stop watching scary movies.  Anyways every night was a battle being in a huge home, in the middle of the woods, far away from everything and anything. But here I am, a whole week later and i’m feeling accomplished. woo hoo! 

I had the chance to check out some pretty neat places this week. I started it off by going back to SoNo (South Norwalk) which is the town next to New Canaan. There is so much to do there and I am so glad for that because it only means I get to keep going back. 


I came across a neat coffee shop, grabbed a latte and started my day exploring. 

I found a ton of places I want to take the boys there, I know they would love the places like aquarium, museums, restaurant, movie theater, boat tours, etc. 

Wednesday was National Tequila Day! I hope ya’ll celebrated by dancing around with a margarita,wearing sombreros…I sure did. I had been dying to go to this restaurant called “Tequila Mockingbird” in New Canaan ever since I got here. It seemed more than necessary to check it out on Wednesday. I went with my friend Emily and it was so cool!  Image

It was a hoppin’ place that day! Such a fun atmosphere. After dinner we headed to Stamford to meet up with some other friends for trivia night. 


I attempted to go to a free concert this week. Drove 40 minutes there only to find out that it was post-poned, so that was a bummer…until I made up for it by treating myself to a triple scoop ice cream.  I guess you could say i drove 40 minutes to get ice cream. People do that, right? 

Oh also I had a lot of time to cook and try new recipes this week. Hi I’m Lauren but you can call me Betty Crocker if you want. Seriously. I was whipping up some awesome food. One of my favorites: grilled lemon zest salmon with sauteed spinach & tomatoes with quinoa. Go ahead and say it out loud “nom” 

I’ve had such a great, relaxing, week hanging out with friends and being able to explore but I am very ready for the family to come home. I can’t wait.  It’s been a long week with out them and I am so excited to see the boys and hear about their trip!  I was missing my daily routine here and my roles/duties. I couldn’t help but be happy that I missed those things because it sure confirmed how much I enjoy my job.  It’s an awesome feeling to think that my job is something I am not only passionate about (kids), but something I really love. I am feeling so fortunate 🙂 


I’m also feeling fortunate because I just heard the garage door open, and that means I don’t have to sprint up the stairs anymore in fear someone is following me thanks to all those really good horror movies. 

Going to leave you guys with a simple quote, friendly reminder and wise words:





ps. michael just walked into my room with his new handcuffs from the spy museum in DC asking me to come play ‘cops and robbers’… yes, yes i do love my job. 




One thought on “michael got handcuffs

  1. LOLO, I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of your blog and the pics. are such a great addition! Keep the typing and keys flowing! I love your writing style…its so personal and fun. While reading the blog your voice came alive…
    Sweet gig you have going on. Cant wait to get on your list of visitors!
    Love you much! Amy

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