bad words.

“someone told me the bad word at camp today miss lauren, it was that word that goes F then UCK”


this week at camp someone dropped that “F then UCK” word around Michael, and it was pretty devastating for him to say the least. I couldn’t help but chuckle when he told me.  

it’s been a great couple of days for this gal here. 

Last weekend, I was able to do some exploring in Westport, CT. Westport definitely is up there on the list. 

It  is right on the water, so brownie points there. Image



After strolling along the walkway with my latte, I headed into town. The feel of Westport was awesome. It reminded me of London, i’ve never been to London. It just had this old, classy feel to it. It was very different from any place I have ever been. I had no idea where to go or what to do in Westport before going, and that’s my favorite way to explore a new place. It didn’t take long to find something to keep me busy. ImageImage

There were shops on shops on shops. Westport like New Canaan is an extremely wealthy area and the stores were all classy and elegant boutiques, or brand name. Window shopping was the name of the game that day. 

Oh! Michael and I have been into playing the game hangman. It usually consists of him coming up with a word (99% of the time … spider man), about 20 lines no matter the word and me guessing every letter of the alphabet with no luck. I then lose every time and he wins.  

Also this week on Friday it was superhero day at camp.  Do you know what that meant? Michael got to wear a costume 2 times this week!  It was quite the process to choosing which one to wear on Friday. Seriously. About 45 minutes. 


‘the green lantern’ won. 

The boys and I have been really into the game cops & robbers lately. have you played? you should  because it’s awesome. it’s been getting pretty intense. so intense that sometimes i have been skipping the gym knowing we will be playing. these boys are keeping me young. 

that’s all i have for this post, keep it classy ya’ll. 





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