date day.

Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Thursday’s are date days with Michael since the older boys stay at camp for the night. 

This Thursday was terrific. I started it off by meeting up with Emily (another nanny) at Starbucks. We decided to make it our thing on Thursday mornings from now on to meet up at a different coffee shop every time. Holla. I love coffee shops.  

I love hanging out with Emily because it’s neat to compare and discuss our experiences in regards to our job. There are many similarities, but there are even more differences. All in all we can relate to the culture shock we are in, and how cool our jobs are 🙂 

i then headed into town to get Michael. This week we weren’t able to go to the pool because it was a rainy one.  So, Michael and I went to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk! I pass the Aquarium everyday on the way to the gym, and everyday I couldn’t wait until the day I got to go. I was pumped. 

With intentions of spending the entire afternoon there, we had covered the entire place in about 45 minutes. I learned a valuable lesson; 5 yr old boys have a short attention span…mommy in training over here. 

Michael wasn’t really interested in reading about sea life, animals, or anything really. He mostly wanted to touch the sting rays and play in the play area. So that’s what we did. 

The aquarium was rad. I loved it and so did Michael. 


This is the Dyeing Poison Frog.  It shows great potential in treating many human diseases such as  Alzheimer’s… neat.  


The jellyfish exhibit was super cool! The jellyfish exhibit was also smack dab in the middle of the exhibits and it was also where Michael pulled out the line “Miss Lauren, I have to go to the bathroom really bad (legit tears also)”

Another mommy in training lesson of the day: always, always, always make kids go to the bathroom before entering any type of museum or exhibit. Even if at the beginning you ask if they have to go and they say no. 

We probably looked like a bunch of crazies while I was holding Michael, sprinting pass people and through crowds looking for the nearest restroom….which was at the very end of the entire way. Good news: we found the bathroom. Bad news: a little to late. 



It really was an awesome day. I will definitely be going back on my own time in the near future.  my own time to the Aquarium 😉 

We then went out for Pizza and frozen yogurt. mmmmmm. We had some good conversation during dinner.  Michael expressed to me that girls are lucky because girls can have green eyes. He also told me that he has a girlfriend at camp and a wife from school…quite the playa playa i have on my hands. i love my job, so much. 

When we got home I opted out of Trivia night in Stamford with friends to cuddle up and watch a movie with Michaelman. Michael made it about 5 minutes in before he was out…

I like Thursdays. 





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