dinner with the family.

It is a Saturday night and I decided to stay in with the family, instead of going back to the city with friends. 

we just had s’mores…good choice lauren, real good choice. 

we just had dinner and i just have to blog about it because it’s the perfect way to sum up my family here. 

it was a beautiful nigh, perfect weather and beautiful set up so we ate outside. mother nature has been such a blessing this summer here. anyways the fam was really interested in my night last night and where i went in new york. michael was so confused why i was already home from the city, why i didn’t spend the whole weekend there…he’s catching on how much i like it. i love talking about new york with them because they know all the great spots and where to go. they have awesome advice for things to do and see for people my age, ya know.. us youngens. anyways, they have an outdoor speaker system and they had music playing. just try and picture this.. a beautiful outdoor patio, a huge backyard to themselves, beautiful trees and nature out on the patio and the sun setting and a large glass of wine in my hand, music playing, what a set up ey? half way through dinner mark (dad) selected the song “big butts”. Naturally, Michael wanted to bust a move and shake what his mama gave him. he stood up and shook it. 

“you should bring Michael to the city with you next time you go out, with moves like that you guys would get all the attention” 

Mark, you are so right. 

dinner conversations at this house are never dull, never ever dull. we have so much to talk about from there stories of living all over the world, literally. Mark and Tracey grew up in California, moved to Europe for a few years, then moved through out Asia with the family and now live here. We have so much to learn about each other. 

i can’t express to anyone how fortunate i have been feeling. if ya didn’t know i spent a lot of time searching for a nanny position in new york. that’s where i wanted to be and i was pretty stubborn on settling anywhere else. after months, numerous applications, tons of interviews and no luck i signed up with an agency to help. after the initial interview they had told me about this family. i had no interest at first being i saw the position was in Connecticut. i knew nothing about Connecticut. after many talks, and a lot of convincing i finally agreed to interview with this family. from the very first interview when i skyped with them, they had me. 

this family has been nothing but good to me thus far. they are such a neat, kind and humble family. they are so inviting and warm. they are really down to earth, laid back and very humble. it’s a good thing for me and has made my transition that much easier and quickly able to adapt. Fairfield County is quite the culture shock with all of the wealth. people and the lifestyle here is almost indescribable the family i am with stays very humble and appreciative of what they have.

the other day Tracey asked me how i was adjusting and how everything was going for me. i feel as if the first month here was busy and chaotic. i was trying my hardest just adjusting and figuring it all out. I wanted to meet people and get to know my family here. I am now in the stage of settling in, and i can honestly admit that this is my new home. it’s a pretty exciting feeling. i mean, i now can navigate my way all the way into town without using the gps…which basically confirms I am adjusted to my new home. I have a great group of friends here, although I am still making efforts and going out of my way to meet more, and i have been looking into ways to be involved within the community for this school year. i couldn’t be happier with my decision to be in New Canaan with the family I am with. I have been feeling extremley fortunate with my decision to be in Connecticut. It’s a beautiful, warm, place with tons to do. Not being in New York has been awesome, because it makes it that much more fun to go visit. Connecticut has really welcomed me and I love that I can call it home. 

life is pretty funny sometimes isn’t it?


i spent so much time worrying, wandering and doubting my nanny search when nothing was working out but I have this amazing mama who kept reminding me that if it’s what i want, something will happen if i keep trying. Sure enough, something came and you know what… it has been quite a sweet adventure. I guess that mama ruthie knows what she’s talking about sometimes. 

this is definitely what i am meant to be doing and where i am supposed to be right now.

happy saturday night.




One thought on “dinner with the family.

  1. Happy Sunday Lorenzo. Oh how excited I get when my email contains your adventures! I tell your godfather, yes Lauren has sent another story. You are the best story teller, I can just envision your beautiful expressive face proclaiming your adventures as I read. So so happy you are loving your career decision…be safe and keep your adventures coming to MN by words. XO your Freeport auntie

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