the city is magical.

Friday night yo. 

I went into New York on Friday night. My friends Nick and Ryan invited me to come along to one of their friends Birthday parties. We met up with our friend Andrew first, to check out his new AWESOME place in Queens. We drove into the city which was my first time usually I take the train. It was dark and it was beautiful. I felt like it was straight out of a movie. I totally took this picture from the internet, but I have to share it with you to give you an idea of what the view was:


I always act like a child jacked up on sugar when I go to the city because i am so excited to be there. I couldn’t stop saying “wow, i love this” “this view is so cool” “i love it here” before Nick said “I got it, you like the city” and you know what, I proceeded to express my love for the city to Nick. 

if you have never been to New York, it is everything and more than what it’s hyped up to be. There is this energy there that comes over you, anything is possible in New York. 

We ended up catching the subway and heading to east village and lower east side to meet up with their friends. We went to this awesome bar called Keybar. 

My favorite thing about new york is the people in new york. I haven’t met one person who was born and raised in there. everyone has some story of how they ended up in new york, and they are so interesting and inspiring. they all wanted to be in there, so hearing what they did to get to where they are is really empowering.  i also love conversation and learning about people, so new york is a good place for me. i ended up meeting this girl and we got to talking about meeting people in new york. she expressed how when she first moved here (from london), the first few months were so hard for her because she was so intimidated by the city. she didn’t know anyone and it was hard for her to meet people. Now, after a few months she can only laugh at herself because, new york is easily the easiest place to meet people. we exchanged numbers and we’re friends now. 

i continued to meet awesome individuals. the culture and people in new york is so vibrant. it’s really refreshing to be around. 

we then headed to another place only about 20 blocks up. yup, only 20 blocks. 

the walk in heels was so worth it because once we walked into the bar this was playing:

i immediately made my way to the dance floor and parked it there for the rest of the night. 

movin’ and groovin’ is my thing and i am so thankful for that schneider blood in me. 

happy weekend. 







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