patience or lethargic?

last week, i had to chuckle at myself. ok, i do that often anyways but this one is worth sharing. 

i’ve been told my entire life that i have a lot of patience and am pretty relaxed. except by my parents. they like to refer to it as me being lazy and lethargic…which may be true too. last week, it was just michael and i as the older boys were at camp. many times i surprised myself and kept recognizing how patient or lethargic i really was. so one example is this:

michael LOVES LOVES LOVES taking showers at the pool, which i think to be just gross. anyways, we are usually in such a hurry that i limit it to a 5 or 10 minute shower. except for last week when i let him sit in there for 46 minutes (yes people, i timed it). 46 minutes. i kept laughing at myself as time passed because i tried to imagine someone else who would sit on a bench and wait that long and couldn’t think of one person. he came out with this huge grin saying “miss lauren, that felt so warm”  or the time this week when michael started the process of picking a costume to wear at 6:30am and it took until 5 minutes before we left at 9:00am to decide… literally, we went through every single one and tried them ALL on about 5 times. OR the time this week when we went to the library and reread the same exact book 14 times, in one sitting and then proceeded to the frozen yogurt lab where michael tried every single flavor about 20 times before the employees had to comment and tell me he needed to choose… oops

we had an awesome week. 

Imageit was a rainy one this week, so michael and i had fun inside. we baked banana chocolate chip bread. 

Imagewe went to the coffee shop and brought along board games to play. except we don’t actually play the right way… we play by michael’s rules, which are to make him win. 

Imageand we even met some new friends at the coffee shop. and let me tell ya, my heart was so full watching these two 🙂 

Imagei met up with Emily this week for our first weekly new coffee shop adventure. we went to a place called NEAT in Darien, CT. Have I mentioned that Emily is the nanny of 3 teenagers… ? Yeah, she’s a saint. 


well I am off to the city for the weekend. 








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