meeting oprah.

this weekend was my friend Brian’s last weekend in NY before heading home to MN. I went to visit him one last time.
 first stop: Chelsea Market.

I know i have blogged about chelsea market before, and i am going to keep raving about it because it deserves to be raved about. if you ever go to new york, you HAVE to go to this place. it’s insane. it’s this food and shopping market, what more could you want? there are vendors from all over. plus there are free samples all the time…again, free samples.  take a look at this menu of everywhere you could possibly eat
(BEWARE: you might start drooling):

we spent a good amount of time just trying to decide what to get. i could literally spend all day trying to decide where to go and what to get in the market, but since we had a lot to do that day, it only took us each about an hour to decide going back and forth, back and forth… yikes. this time around i chose the lobster place for sushi, NOM. check it out: Image

it was crazy busy and i love that. 
go ahead and and be jealous.
this is a sweet indoor flea market there and it rocks. 


there is always live music too, how fun. 



so all i am saying, is you have to go. you just have to go to Chelsea

next stop: high line.

Brian took me to the high line which is a public park that is a historic freight rail line above the west side of Manhatten. This is also something I would recommend to do while in NY because 

a) it’s a beautiful walk 

b) awesome views



there were tons of people walking the high line. also, it was a popular place to hang out. lots of people were sitting with friends, reading, enjoying food, etc. along the way (not my photos.. just to give you an idea:) 





if my pictures don’t convince you to check this place out, click here 

next stop: BROOKLYN

from now on whenever someone asks me where i see myself within the next 5 yrs… it’s Brooklyn. you guys, i love brooklyn. 

something i have always wanted to do is walk across the brooklyn bridge and on saturday, i got to do that. did i mention that Beyonce biked across the brooklyn bridge last weekend?



(from her blog) 


the view’s from this bridge are BONKERS. You get to see different skylines and even the lady liberty! also, it’s packed with people from all over. it seemed like every person we passed was speaking a different language. everyone was so excited to be there. i still can’t believe I finally go to do this. i feel as if my pictures don’t do any justice so you should google image it. actually here ya go: click this 

once we crossed and were in Brooklyn, we walked around and explored. brooklyn to me is the midwest of new york. it’s got that relaxed and laid back feel to it, in new york. 


we came across an awesome joint called lavendar lake. 

once again, my favorite thing to do in new york is just walk and come across places. we had no intentions of finding this place and neither of us knew what it was. we just passed it on the street and decided to try it out. 


little did we know we would fall in love with the place. we ended up staying there for a good 3 1/2 hours just talking and meeting people. we met two guys from MN & WI….ya you betch’ya. it was neat. they both quit there jobs a year ago and up and moved to the city.

Click here and look for yourself.

did i mention that brian works at CNN and works with Anderson Cooper on a daily basis. Oh, and this last week he got to be part of an interview and meet Oprah. I know, I hang out with cool people. 










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