true new yorker.

i’d like to give myself a big pat on the back. this morning i conquered new york… alone. 

ok, really i just rode the subway alone. brian had offered to ride it into grand central with me but figuring out the subway system and being able to do it alone has been on my list of things to conquer since i moved here. sure, i’ve ridden the subway plenty of times but i am with friends who know exactly what they are doing and i on the other hand just act like i know what i am doing…typical.

first let me just share this with you:


so you see there are 24 subway lines and most of the time you have to make multiple transfers to get where you are going. also people taking the subway always seem to be on a mission. intimidating would be an understatement.

also, you know those iphone things that everyone has? you know, the phones that would be PERFECT to help you out if you got lost or got on the wrong subway and have the app to tell you when/where to get off? Yeah, i don’t have one of those.


however i don’t know why i am so intimidated because it’s actually very simple as long as you know where you are going. i knew the only way i was going to learn was to do it alone. so off i went and guess what…i did it 🙂 i felt like i had just won a million bucks when i made it to grand central. once i made it there, i wanted to do some other things in midtown before i left and i wanted to figure it out alone. so off i went. 

on my way to find Bryant Park i accidentally sorta kinda stumbled across a coffee shop and when a coffee shop is thrown in front of this gal, the coffee shop always wins. 


once i downed that coffee in about two seconds i headed towards Bryant Park. 

Bryant Park is easily one of my favorite spots in the world. It’s right behind 5th Ave located near the New York Public Library. 



Bryant Park is beautiful and there is always something interesting happening. it’s the perfect spot to hang out.

so here i was in my favorite spot, with a new book and a coffee:






ping pong tables in Bryant Park! Image

my first time in Bryant Park was last November. During the fall they have outdoor vendors and shoppes so I can’t wait to get back this fall. Also, I came across a sign that had information about FREE OUTDOOR YOGA in the park (LOOK HERE!)…HOLLA. So, looking forward to participating in that as well. 

on my way to GCT i came across the 5 STORY H & M 


if you know me, you know that H & M is my weakness and is solely responsible for taking all of my money. you’ll be happy to know Ruthie that i found the strength within to keep walking pass. that, or i had to hustle to make my train in time. 

<a =i made it to grand central just in time to catch my train back to New Canaan. I was feeling so happy I finally was able to navigate my way through the city alone. 

i am also so happy to be back in New Canaan. i walked in the door and Michael was wearing his brand spankin new captain america costume he got yesterday. we’re heading to the melting pot for dinner tonight and my tummy can barely wait. 







One thought on “true new yorker.

  1. Hi Lauren, I am suppose to be on my computer doing business but in my drop menu of choices that I can navigate I immediately click on your blog! I am up to par as I read all the blogs since the last time I visited it. totally love it and the pics. are just the best! A part of me is like way jealous but moving forward I am so happy happy for u that this gig has been a perfect match for you. Your mama Ruthie comments are so par and they make me just laugh!! I am eating beans from Tim Lieser garden covered with cheese as I am leaving my reply! Just an FYI what people in Richmond, MN do on a Monday eve. LOL

    Keep blogging…I want to tell all your aunties to get on board and read LOLO’s blog! Gotta talk to Ruth about it first!


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