i want my own breakfast nook.

Saturdays rock. 

went to Emily’s for a pool day. just look at this: Image


not to mention great drinks, food, company and sunshine. i was a fan. 


note: girl on the far left lives in Brooklyn. If you’re a recent blog follower something you should know is that I LOVE BROOKLYN. IM OBSESSED WITH BROOKLYN.  Have you checked out my NY page? If not, check it out here and look at the brooklyn part at the bottom and see for yo self. 

anyways after spending the afternoon there we then went to a PHENOMENAL restaurant in New Canaan called the Farmer’s table. 

this place has ruthie and amo written all over it. i am so psyched to take them when they come and visit. in 70 days. not that i am keeping track or anything. 

but this restaurant is very tiny and quaint.



there were 8 of us. 8 total in a place that seats 12. picture that. 

this place deserves a nice pat on the back in my book. 


(emily aka the saint who deserves a million bucks for being a nanny to 3 teenagers, chloe aka LIVES IN BROOKLYN, yours truly)

this morning emily made breakfast. ok, that’s an understatement. this morning emily made A DELICIOUS GOURMET BREAKFAST SPREAD. Bacon, waffles, toast, eggs, coffee. we sat in the “Breakfast Nook” did you know those existed?  



when i have a place of my own i want a breakfast nook. how cool is that. i’ll have breakfast parties and say “come eat in the breakfast nook” 

have an awesome sunday. 






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