shout out to al and ruthie.

note: all you parents out there, i am giving you full permission to chuckle at/with me at this post. also, however you picture me (running with my head chopped off) during this post… is most likely accurate.

well folks, my job has officially started as of today. 

really though. the two older boys got home this weekend (HOORAY!!!!) it was a long 2 1/2 weeks with out them.
last night Tracey went over the week with me (did you know it’s the last week of summer vacation for my kiddos? crazy.). she ended with “good luck!”

basically, we are busy busy busy. we started out Monday with a bang.

we all woke up and started it off by eating breakfast, getting all football gear, lunches made, a quick clean up after Michael spilling his cereal everywhere, having boys make their beds which should only take about 2 minutes maximum, but their rooms seem to be distracting so after about 10 check-ins to see if the bed is made they are finally almost done, sunscreen (Michael likes to do this alone, which is about a 10 minute process), waters, making sure boys have everything for football, everyone has gone to the bathroom, getting into the car… getting to the doctor to pick up forms, dropping off forms and getting all three boys off in different places for different camps  (including everyone getting out of the car, finding the drop off location, getting situated, signing in, etc) before 8:30 am.  


when i was finally on my way home after the drop off’s, all i could think about was whoa this is normal. people do this. people like my parents did this. wow. 

i picked up the older boys from their football camps and we are home, catching our breath for a short period of time.  The boys are expected to read each day for 1 hour which they are doing now until we then have to go get Michael, get a birthday gift, bring older boys back to football practice, Michael to piano, go to the library, drop off more forms, eat somewhere in between there and make it home by 7;30pm. 

to my parents: if you’re reading this, ya rock and it only took me 22 yrs to come to appreciate you running me around. 


cheers to you Monday. 

xo lo

ps. you can call me soccer mom now, i’m ok with it.
pss. my job is currently on the line because Michael said “Miss Lauren, I like the MN Vikings but don’t tell me Dad he will SERIOUSLY be mad” Of course I had to tell Mark how proud I am and he went over the “dismissal by cause” in my contract with me.


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