we made it, almost.

Happy happy Friday! Can you believe it… you survived the week. 

i only say that because i wasn’t sure i would be able to, but here we are… the weekend 🙂 

we had quite the week here at the harris house and my job qualifications were put to the test. Each boy this week was involved in a camp at different times in a different location each day.  it was a test for the school year. each boy in this house is involved in a sport, school organization, instrument and language class. each week, they are busy busy busy & you know what i love it. Most of the summer Mark has been around (works from home) to take over around dinner, but with him being away i’ve been on 7am to 8pm and i’ll tell ya what…all you parents out there…i bow down to you.
i really do love it and it’s been so fun, just hectic and that’s exactly what i signed up for. i wanted something full time and fun and that’s what i got 🙂  

on Thursday and today the older two don’t have any camp until 5:00pm so we have been able to hang out. I have been loving it since this summer, they have been so busy and away i haven’t been able to do that yet.  we have been staying busy. 

yesterady we went to a zoo in Bridgeport. It was an outdoor zoo and the minute we walked in, it started to down pour. Nanny award of the year goes to this gal. lesson learned: check the weather before planning something outdoors. 

it was fun anyway. 





the boys were pumped about the rain because that meant they got to spend more time in the rain forest exhibit which had tons of snakes & bats. I on the other hand patiently (but not really) waited on the outside for them. eeeeeeek.  

we then made our way to the library and headed over to the new tea shop in town. we parked out butts there for over an hour.  Rain, tea and our books = i love my job. 


when 3:30 came around we went to pick up Michael.  

There is a very good looking young man who runs the camp at Chelsea Piers and i’ve had my eye on him. I mean come on, good looking and good with kids….you have my heart. I walked into the gym to get Michael and this guy is standing there waiting for them to finish up. I started to walk over to stand by him (makin my move!!!!!!!!!!!) he turns around before I get there and BAM there i went…tripped over a backpack and i was down.  

and that’s the life i live. 

he came over to help but i could barely talk because i was so embarrassed. he proceeded to ask “which one is your child?”

if you read this before 3:30 today say a prayer for me?

after that whole very typical lauren moment i found michael and he for the first time said “miss lauren, i love you” and that’s the moment i realized the only man i need in my life to make me smile is a 5 year old.

the boys reading hour is done and we are off to do some mini golfing and ice cream. whoopin’ it up for the last day of summer vacation 🙂 






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