New friends and old friends

I am feeling so excited because of the friendships I have formed here. It’s been awesome to meet new people and connect. I am also feeling so excited because two of my good friends from high school and college have just moved to the city 🙂 I am fortunate I had this summer being on my own… it helped me branch out and challenged me to meet people. It’s nice though to have familiar faces to be arriving now.

On Sunday I flew into Laguardia (was in MI for the weekend), and my friend from UW-Stout picked me up. I hadn’t seen her in a while, so it was quite the reunion at the airport!  We picked up right where we left off and it was awesome. She just moved to Queens (sunnyside) for an internship for the year, SCORE! We went out for Sushi and caught up. 

again and again, there is something about NYC that comes over you when you spend a lot of time there. Maddie had just moved to NY this week and couldn’t stop talking about how being there made her feel like anything is possible.  we talked about how fortunate we are feeling to have ventured away for a year to see new things and explore. how fun. 

we then met up with Nick, Ryan and Andrew in Astoria and then made our way to Manhattan. It was such a blast. We met them at a beer garden called Katch. They had an outdoor patio with tons of picnic tables and games going on, such a cool atmosphere.

Oh, do you have an iphone? Download this game heads up. We played it for a while and it’s absolutely hilarious and so fun! 

this morning i headed back to New Canaan and could hardly wait to see the kiddos. 




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