first, i have some big news to share with you all…



located at the Starbucks nearest you. treat yo self. 


I have been having awesome feelings lately. Every time I travel somewhere or leave New Canaan I am always looking forward to coming back. It’s crazy to think how adjusted I have become being it is the most unique place I have ever been, ever. 

Emily put it best the other day summing it up as “straight out of a J. Crew catalog” 

I sometimes feel as if I am on another planet or in a while new world, and I love that feeling… it makes me feel so adventurous. 


In other news, guess what happened to me on Saturday… 

I met some people who had spent the last 5 years in MN. 

I was grinning ear to ear and felt ecstatic. 

it was so nice to talk with them and learn about their experience in MN. Obviously, they really only commented on the cold and snow and couldn’t understand how anyone can continue to live there. Don’t worry all you native Minnesotan’s… I definitely spoke up at that moment because MINNESOTA ROCKS.  

Talking about MN, did you know that those two crazy ladies from MN, Amy and Ruthie are coming out east in October?

Ants in my pants. I am so excited. I am finally getting a chance to begin working on this:



Sending all my love and positive vibes everyone’s way today. 





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