we had quite the beauty parlor going this morning.

After the older boys get on the bus, Mike and I have a whole hour and a half before he leaves. This morning Michael told me “I want to be handsome today.” And so it began.

Michael insisted on using his older brother’s things. We went from bathroom to bathroom using the hair gel, combs, deodorant, cologne and even the ‘big kid’ Listerine mouth wash instead of his spongebob kid kind. He took it like a champ and swooshed it for a whole 3 seconds before spitting it out.

Once he was all ready to go, he told me:

“Mariya is going to be sooooo happy I look like Bob and Tyler”

(Mariya is Michael’s girlfriend who he sits by on the bus)

Well Mike man, you better be careful at school today because the ladies are going to flock you with how handsome you look today…even if Miss Lauren thinks the 10 squirts of cologne was a little much 🙂

Have a happy Tuesday.


One thought on “Handsome.

  1. Good Eve MS. LOLO….I read days and wks.. of your great blog! I absolutely love reading about your adventures and those great little fellas that you care for. The pics. are a bonus! Yes, I agree “handsome” youngins you keep watch over. You are living such a fun life. Can’t wait to share a piece of it with you. Hotel, airplane tickets bought and the ladies know we will part ways Sunday morn. and your mom and I are all yours. It will be the icing on the cake spending the last 2 days with you. In Richmond MN. the acorns are falling abundantly! Most are falling off the neighbors oak trees onto our lawn!! The last wk. or two I rake up acorns every night. I have boxes piling up in our garage. Cathy Rose wants them for her pigs…..she is trying to raise organically! I need to work on an invention…a machine that picks up acorns!
    Sending colorful fall loves your way. Amy

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