the more ya know.

one of my very favorite things has always, always, always been a great conversation over a cup of coffee in the morning. In fact, for years my cousin Abby and I have shared this liking and often text each other ‘coffee?’ we then get on the phone and solve the worlds problems, talk about how we have it together compared to others and that we are right about everything…….

Each morning Michael and I walk to the end of the driveway and meet Eddie and his Dad as we wait for the bus. Mike and I both come with our coffee cups filled to the top. Mike is one of the most intelligent, kind, and very straight forward man I have ever met. He says what is exactly on his mind with no filter, which usually ends with me nodding my head with a grin.

He is a very successful man who runs his own business right out of his home. I used to shy away from asking questions and contributing to the conversations we had, mostly because I didn’t know much about what he would talk about. Over the course of the summer and the school year, I have broke out of my shell. We have really bonded and I have learned so much from him.  

This morning I had mentioned how I am looking at flights for a wedding in MN I have in October. Well, Mike had a lot to say about that. He went on to tell me all about his youth and how all of his friends were getting married while he continued his education for many years, traveled the world, moved around, and it wasn’t until 43 that he settled down. I also now know ALL about the airlines. Which ones bought which, where they stand, the business behind them and even about airports abroad. Airports abroad? On to the next topic…him traveling to India during the year for business. I then learned all about India and the culture, food, customs, etc.   Which unfolded into more and more topics. 

By the time we were done, almost an hour had past. It’s funny because lately I have been noticing that now I am out of school, learning is up to me. I have been missing the classroom and being taught new concepts, learning more, and continuing my education (i can’t believe it either!). I even have been making trips to the library to pick up new books in efforts of learning. However, each and every morning talking with Mike, I learn SOOOOO much. The bus stop has become my new classroom. He gives me new perspectives and teaches me concepts, things I know nothing about. He helps me understand the world in ways I have never seen, to know things I have never known and I am sure he has no idea. I walk away each morning with an empty cup and more insight on the world, more knowledge.

So here’s to that. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it how much we can learn from one another? 



have a happy day 




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