happy weekend! what a gorgeous day here in New Canaan, CT. 

Miss Anna cleans our house and she is a sweetheart. She works 24/7 356, literally. She is this adorable woman from Poland and each time I see her, she talks my ear off. Miss Anna is always asking how I am doing, how I am feeling, how I am adjusting, about my friends, work, etc. I met her the second day I was here and so she has really seen me venture out and grow. She always tells me how wise she is and that her instinct is telling her that I am going to end up here, she can see it. 

I don’t know about that Miss Anna…but I do know that I appreciate that comment, it reminds me of the adventure I am on and how I have adjusted and come to be so comfortable here, which is an AHHHHH-SOME feeling. 

Mom and Dad here is your moment of fame on my blog: Miss Anna this morning came into my room. She passed a picture on my shelf which was one of my parents and I. She stopped immediately, turned to me and shouted “OH MY GOODNESS LAH-REN” I looked at her in belief something was wrong. She then said to me “Your parents look like the full package. Smart, young, bright and full hearts – I can’t believe it” 

me neither Miss Anna, me neither. 

went on an awesome adventure with Robert this week:


Friday. Friday’s rock. Went to Tengda in Stamford for Sushi & drinks, so that made for one happy Lauren. 





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