we made it.

well, here i am. 9:30pm on a Saturday night. 

it’s been a week, i’ll tell ya that. 

Started the week out with a bang by locking myself out of the house on Monday morning. Yes, I was in my pj’s, no shoes on, no phone, no windows opened, no extra key outside, no where near town & i haven’t memorized Tracey or Mark’s phone numbers yet… so that was quite the adventure. 

This week Tracey and Mark met in Chicago on Wednesday, so it’s been just me and the boys. We have stayed pretty busy: 


does this make your heart happy or what. seriously. 

this was at the FunRun on Thursday night. the 5th grade team put it on. at the high school, everyone could come and run laps or walk. there was a dj, games, prizes, etc. a great way to get the kids moving! it was such a blast for Robert (5th grader). the other two didn’t enjoy it as much when they found out the ice-cream was only for the 5th graders!!

not to worry, their favorite nanny can’t handle a sad Michael & Tyler… so into town we went for our own ice-cream. 


Friday night, we watched Justin Beiber on Youtube. I might have forced it…. a little.


We went into town today for a “Cider Saturday’ at the Nature Center. It was really neat. They had tons of games including the ‘Apple Sling Shot’, food, games and activities and animals for the kids. Just as we were leaving to walk into town for lunch it started to downpour.  I ran to the car to grab umbrellas, but after two minutes with them…. it seemed more fun to run around without. That made for a very soaking wet crew walking into the restaurant. In the words of Michael “i don’t even care if i get wet, it’s cool to get wet.” So yeah, we were one ‘cool’ bunch eating lunch. 


we have stayed EXTREMELY busy with football this weekend. Everyday, they have practice or a game. I also work hard at football practice/games too. Michael insists that we race up and down the field. Over and over and over and again and again and again. He pays no attention to my huffing and puffing either. Both boys were told by their coaches today that were to go to bed thinking of football, dream of football and wake up thinking about football. So that’s that.






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