there were so many events going on this weekend in MN. i was able to catch up with a lot of my friends from home, which was nice. i am so happy to hear what everyone is doing, where they are going and what their life is like post-graduation. it’s such an exciting time in our lives. talking with them (all in MN/WI still) sure did make me miss home.  in October i get to go home for a few days and I couldn’t be more excited.  I was hanging out with Michael yesterday (who by the way “invented meditating, because the man who thought of it died and asked Michael to invent it…it’s really good for your brain and your immune system”) and we got to talking.

I told Michael I am leaving in a few weeks to visit home and how excited I was because I miss my friends and family. He popped right up, big eyes and said:

Oh,did you even know Miss Lauren, this is your home! You’re a Harris when you live here!!”

i then smiled so big and began to tear up. he proceeded:

 “you’re just so funny, you didn’t even know  when you are in Minnesota you have a family there and when you are here you have a  family here, it’s just soooo crazy! .. you’re just so lucky. I wish everyone had two families, isn’t it so cool?”

& then i started to cry.

kids are pretty powerful aren’t they.

it’s pretty how everything works out, and things happen when they are supposed to.  i really needed to hear that from Michael, from Michael without even knowing it.

so here’s to that. my job rocks.




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