Started the weekend off right by going on a date to Starbucks with Iron Man:


I have this awesome friend emily who finds out about awesome events here. she found an awesome festival in Bridgeport this weekend. it was a brewfest, so cheers to that.

it was really neat. tons and tons of beers to try, tons of food trucks, great weather and company.

you can check the photos from the event here!

they had a tent on the field of CT beers and then around the stadium were beers from all over…. and look what I found… WISCONSIN! 🙂


we spent the whole afternoon there!


once we got back to Stamford, my friend Maddie came to visit for the night. Maddie and I went to UW-Stout together and have been friends since the first day of Freshmen year. She just moved to Queens, NY and I am so happy about it.

i’m also really happy about the weather here lately. sun, shine &, warmth with beautiful turning leaves!  Shout out to you mother nature, ya been good.

keep it real yo.




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