it’s true. i’m old. 

Michael and I went upstairs to get ready. when we got back down, the computer game he was playing had logged him out. his mom had already left for work and so we didn’t have access back into it. You bet there were tears, screaming & lots of frustration. I was able to calm him and proceeded to say “Michael, when I was 6 I didn’t even get to watch TV or play on the computer before school!” He shot right up and responded:

“that’s because TV’s weren’t even invented when you were a baby, when I was born they were invented and i’m sorry you didn’t get to watch TV but that’s just the way life works. Sometimes life isn’t fair.”

2 things:

1) ok so that did hurt a little because i didn’t think i looked that old. 

2) we are now in the era of representing a tv with the way life works.

have a happy tuesday. 


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