folks, i’m back east – and i couldn’t be happier. 

what an awesome couple of days i had in Minnesota, that flew by. i can’t believe how fast my 4 days went. it was so good to see friends, family, the pup and yes, the corn fields & tractor on the road in stearns county. 

i was really surprised to how different it was being back. it was a culture shock for this girl. i am happy about that though, you know it helps me to know that i am well accustomed and really happy with where i am at. it was good to be home, but it is good to be back. 

here are a few pictures from the weekend:


 1st stop: CARIBOU. Such a teaser only being reunited for 4 days. Dear east coast, it’s time to step up your game and get with the program because this girl needs some more ‘bou in her life. 



did you know i asked for a dog my whole entire life? and then a month before i left is when my parents decided to get one. funny huh? spend a lot of time with my favorite member of the hoeschen clan, Riley:




spent Friday running around with Ab visiting grandparents and family in Stearns County. We topped it off by grabbing some marg’s and food with Samantha! nom. Image


On Saturday I headed to Brainerd, MN for a wedding. It was so good to see some of my friends from years ago when we worked at a summer camp; Legionville. 


Once Sunday rolled around, Lauren was ready to head back. When I arrived at the airport, I ran into a good friend of mine from UW-Stout. Crazy! We were both running late and in such a hurry but as soon as we saw each other we dropped our bags immediately and had a little reunion in the chaos (seriously, MSP airport was insane- i had never seen it like that). It was neat because he mentioned how he was back for the weekend, but was off to California (where he lives now), and we both shared the same emotion of good to be back, good to go back. 


so here i am. back in New Canaan and couldn’t be happier. still loving this journey and adventure. 

happy day to you

xo lo



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