new york.

before i move forward with this post, i just want to set the scene. i am currently on the couch, candles lit, eating dove chocolates and sipping wine while watching one tree hill reruns and it’s Saturday night. so there’s that.

toady i went into the city, i hadn’t been in a few weekends and it felt so good to be back. did i mention that i want to move there? yes, that’s where i want to be. new york has my heart.

i arrived at grand central and was grinning ear to ear. Grand Central will always be one of my favorite spots in the whole entire world. Do you like to people watch? I do, and Grand Central is the place to do it. I took a seat for a few minutes and just sat, sat for a few moments to enjoy the moment. I then had to get going and was on my way to Penelope for brunch. i met up with one of my good friends from both high school and college. i hadn’t seen her since last year when i visited her in nyc!  it was so good to catch up and be together in ny again! And,  if you’re looking for an awesome brunch place in ny, Penelope has my vote. it’s very popular as we found out and had to wait an hour and a half. It was well worth it, well worth it in deed. it’s small, quaint and homey. see for yourself, look at the menu here!



then, i was headed to Union Square to meet another friend. once i got there, i ran into a rad market.


i was amazed at the amount of people. it was a gloomy, cold day in ny but so many people were at this market! literally shoulder to shoulder. the best parts about markets i have decided are all of the free samples. i loaded up on wine samples, cider, pastries, pastas, jams, salsa and more.  there was so much going on in union square, i could have spent the whole entire day just there. from street dancers, musicians, chess players and shopping it was chaos and that, that is what i love about new york city. the energy is contagious.Image

 as i waited for maddie to meet me i took a seat on the steps and just took it all in. it was one of those moments where you just pause, you just pause and you look around and think in the words of my wise grandma mj, “i’m so glad i came”

once maddie arrived we were off to the Williamsburg bridge! i had been wanting to walk this bridge for some time. it’s the bridge that connects the lower east side and Brooklyn (Willamsburg) and i heard had awesome views.



once we made it across we did some exploring in williamsburg. by that time it was already 5 and i had to head back to New Canaan.  After a few subways stops, a walk and train ride I made it back to Connecticut.

Oh! Also, today has been a day i have looked forward to for the past 4 years, UW-Stout Homecoming! I had tons of friends who flew and traveled far to Menomonie, WI for it today.  Very sad and tough I had to miss out on the fun, but so very excited for new adventures and blessed with such awesome opportunities that have come my way.

sending all my love your way today wherever you are.




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