it was fifty five degrees today. i wore a t shirt, jeans and jeans. the man next to me at football practice tonight had on gloves (yes you MN readers you read that right, gloves), a winter hat and a jacket. we looked at each other long enough to know what the other was thinking, “you’re crazy” 

i’m not sure if it’s just a Midwestern thing to always talk about the weather, but i’m going to talk about the weather because every time i talk to someone from home, they are obsessed with asking me about the weather here.  

the weather in Connecticut thus far beats Minnesota, by far. 

the fall has been gorgeous. absolutely stunning. warm temperatures and breath taking colors. I was able to capture a few photos on my walk around the neighborhood this weekend.


that sunshine, right? breath taking. 

i have heard and been prepared that the boys have many snow days during the winter. last year they had 8. 8. yes, 8. i’d just like everyone to know that within the last 8 years i have had 2 snow days. did i mention it doesn’t get near as cold (so i’ve been told) as MN. 

i can’t wait for winter in Connecticut. for once in my life this 22 year girl trying to figure it all out, feels prepared and that feels good. 








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