headed into the city this weekend. started it off on the right note – missed my train. 

only had to wait an hour for the next one. thank goodness for a charged ipod with recently added new music, am i right?

because it was pretty late by the time i arrivied in ny, i opted to grab a cab rather than the subway. have you ever tried to do that in the city? it’s quite an eye opening experience.  also, you have to be aggressive – so i learned. here i was, standing there – waving my hand and as a cab will pull up right next to me,  PEOPLE WOULD RUN IN FRONT OF ME AND HOP IN. I couldn’t believe it. This happened numerous times!! Or, someone would step right in front of me and wave their hand. it was like we were in a jungle fighting for our prey or something. of course at first i kept saying “oh, it’s ok” “sure, go ahead”  but after about 15 minutes, I got the hang of it and managed to grab one. ooftah. what a piece of work.

made it to Sydeny’s, which was so fun. you guys, i love new york. she had a bunch of friends visiting from school – and we went to her neighbors. their back yard was straight out of a movie. lights, tables, tiki lights, candles, etc. someone needed to pinch me. the neighbors in her building had just moved in and were having a house/apt. warming get together. after hanging out for a while we headed into Brooklyn. dude remember that i LOVE Brooklyn so it was all smiles for this gal.

we headed to this awesome venue, 285 Kent for a show. fun fact about the show: the artist didn’t show up until 3:30 AM – that is not a typo, either. he had done 3 shows in one night in 3 cities and Brooklyn was his last stop. although it was a cool experience, it was also been there done that type of thing. this girl needs her beauty sleep.


i will give it to him though, he was an awesome performer and did keep the crowd awake by spinning some awesome beats. i’ll let it slide this time Cashmere Cat, i’ll let it slide this time.

Sydney took us to this place for breakfast, “Russ & Daughters”

imagine this  place with 100+ people


it was packed and it was the most intense bagel place i’d ever been. you had to take a number, and know what you were doing otherwise they move onto the next person. all the shuffle, waiting and intensity was well worth it though. well worth it.

Saturday night we went to a great bar in the East Village; the Dark Room. The DJ played only 90’s hits. Throwback ya’ll.

Sunday we headed to the Financial District & Wall St. completely unintended but it was awesome. We passed the New York Stock Exchange and was able to hang out around there.


after that, i hit the subway and headed back to grand central. i had an hour to spare before my train left, so i sat on the steps in grand central with my latte so content, so happy, and so glad i went to the city for the weekend and so happy to go back to Connecticut.

oh, also i’ve decided that this is my favorite stage in my life.

happy monday everynone. make it a good one!




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