my mama and aunt came to visit the east. i met up with them on Saturday. i could write an entire book dedicated to the weekend, but i will save you the time and sum it up. 

we had a wonderful, crazy, schneider time. 



i got to join in on one of those tourist bus tours. i had been wanting to do one, so i now can cross that off my bucket list! 


it took us across the manhattan bridge, which has been one of my favorite sights since moving here! i had only driven across it with friends, so having a tour guide explain the views was pretty neat. 


highlight of my weekend was the sight above. if you know me, you know that a big part of my life is my crazy obsession with Jay-Z. You ask who is Jay Z? Ok, well Jay Z is hand down one of the most powerful influences in the music industry, and also is married to Queen B (Beyonce).  The picture above is where Jay Z attended high school for two years before he dropped out. 

Dear Jay-Z, I saw where you went to high school, will you marry me now?



stopped at my favorite, Union Square Market! stuffed our bellies full of all the yummy free samples. 




ok ok, Bryant Park deserves it’s own blog post. I love this place, always have. and this time of year it’s the fo. real. with all the little shops, ice skating rink and decorations, ya hafta go. the ladies and i went a little crazy. we even stopped for a glass of wine at the bryant park outdoor patio. i was a fan. 




stopped at a birthday party. we enjoyed a glass of wine on a sunny saturday on the rooftop. yes, this again confirmed my need to be in the city 24/7 365. 

shooooooooot, time got the best of me. i’m off to a bootcamp fitness class at the gym – pray for me. 

i’ll update more later. 

happy Thursday! 




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