had an awesome weekend. 

first have to share some wise words from michael this week “mashed potatoes are just so healthy for you because they are potatoes that are mashed.” so there’s that. smart kid 😉 

went to the city this weekend. got in on Saturday because I wanted to go to Bryant Park. This time of year, it’s a must see sight. They have all their holiday shops set up, the ice rink and tons of food vendors. It’s the “Winter Village” of New York and it’s rad, very rad. Image




Bryant Park is where I discovered my favorite bath & body shop; Sabon. Their products are life changing. Check it out by clicking here. By luck, I was in a rush so I wasn’t able to buy everything in sight 😉

I was off to THE CIRCUS in New York with my friend Mikey. Have you ever been to the circus, because I don’t think I had ever been – and they are the place to be. I don’t think I blinked one time. not once. it was so fun! it was at the Lincoln Center, which I had never been to that part of NY before – wowza, it’s stunning. 


the circus you guys, i’m telling you – it was so cool. after we decided to walk around nyc to see what we came across. we both totally appreciate and were just content with walking around the city. we found a sweet irish pub. we grabbed a drink and yup, you guessed it – talked about how much we love new york and the bartender opted to join in on our convo.

He had an accent, so we asked him where he was from and he told us he was from Ireland (go figure), he is in the process of finding an internship for school and doesn’t have much time left, but he has been doing everything in his power to make it because there is “no way in hell he is leaving NY”

and that’s all he needed to say before we all raised our glass and said “cheers.” 





i hope you all had a lovely weekend. 





One thought on “circus.

  1. Good Eve LOLO
    Just skipping thru emails , sights for gray boots etc. and in my history filed it was time to plug into LOLOs blog. Read a week or two and can’t wait to read more from the last several wks. The bed pillow is calling me to get some good sleep prior to my work return tomorrow. I miss NYC!!! Loved everything about that city. I already started my list of “things to do” on my next visit. Hope you are still there when I make the trip no.2!
    Keep blogging….I enjoy it !
    Thanks again for showing us a great time…NYC style.
    LOve you, Amy

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