you know how they say that school prepares you for the real world? you know, your teachers are always saying that this is going to help you in your future.. well i’m not so sure about that anymore.

here is my reasoning:

this morning we had quite the morning. after a few tantrums (maybe had something to do with getting to bed after 11pm….), we played nerf gun wars, football, hide and seek, fought over the ipad, ipod and tv, showered, tyler making pancakes… spilling mix all over the floor, burning the first batch and insisting on doing it alone, while trying to supervise a child cooking with a hot stove top meanwhile playing “lauren chase us all around the house until you can’t any longer,” and making 3 lunches, bags packed, don’t forget the instruments, battling the argument “i don’t need to wear a jacket, it’s not cold” when you can see your breath outside and their out the door.

All before 7:35 AM. 

Is that normal? Nobody ever taught me about all that. I never studied or was ever tested on the best method of how to deal with that chaos. So here is what I have to say about it : Oooftah. 


Now that that’s out of my system, I have been having all these self revelations lately. Really good self revelations. I have been having such a fun adventure the past 1/2 year (can you believe it ….. 1/2 a year already!), and it’s been such a high. I was/still am so wrapped up in it all – that I want to start reflecting on the root of the happiness. I know I won’t be here forever, and I want to remember what specifically has made me happy and why I am more content/comfortable with myself and life than I ever have been. With that, are you guys ready? It’s going to get deep.

ok, maybe not deep – but I do want to start doing some self reflecting. Also i am going to expand my blog with new ideas to share. How exciting! So does this make me an official blogger? Am I part of the blogging community now?  I’m down with it. 

and if that was all over and not organized writing at all – my apologies. clearly, i am still trying to catch my breath and screw my head on straight from the morning of pure chaos. i might go sleep forever now. 




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