michael got off the bus today and was crying. screaming, crying & throwing a complete fit because the day had come…the flu shot.

Michael does not like shots. not one bit and i had been warned that i may have to literally strap him on my lap and hold onto him as tight as i can in the waiting room.

i tried every trick in the book and lots of bribing… but you know what – michael didn’t care.

when we got to the doctor’s office, Michael looked at me and said “i think i’m just going to be brave and sit on your lap because it won’t hurt  then, right?” and then i melted inside. 

turned out – mike man lucked out this time and wasn’t able to get the shot anyways. but being THE.BEST.NANNY.EVER. i stuck to my bribe promises and we stuffed our selves silly with pizza.


and even though none of us could move after ice cream still seemed appropriate 



so happy flu shot to us. 


xo lo 


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