day alone

yesterday, i felt the need to check out a place i’d never been. i’d been going to the city the past 5 weekends in a row. yikes. so lauren needed some alone/down time to check things out. i have heard nothing but good about the town Greenwich, CT. Not only is it known for it’s real estate (dream homes, seriously….google image it), elegance, wealth and people, (look here) but also it’s shopppppppppping! a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?

Greenwich is but a dream. Maybe the most surreal place I’ve been thus far.

I felt like I was on a different planet. The people and way of life there, seemed the furthest from real. I parked my car and began my adventure. I walked to the very top of the main street – which, was my work out for the day. Ooftah.


this is was 1/4 way left to the top. it was a loooooooong hill.

I couldn’t wrap my head around it. It’s a tiny, small town, very old and historic with such big names. It was colonial, European but modern day. Many people had British accents and i heard many different languages.

if you like to shop i’d say Greenwich is for you. From Prada, Michael Kors, Tiffany & Co, Jack Wills, etc. It’s all there.

Mom – you’ve taught me well and window shopping was just as fun 😉

oh also i had no idea how to play it cool. every time i walked into a store, i immediately found myself digging for the price tag. i felt like the price tags in these places were hidden on purpose.  i was drawing so much attention. i would try and be sneaky by digging quickly and efficiently, looking all over and digging for the damn price tag to see if maybe, just maybe i was lucky enough to score a deal. i did find a sale rack in a store, and by sale i mean a blouse for $320.00.  i then proceeded to drool, while my eye balls popped out of my head and gave up. I guess my awesome shoes I just got (featured below) from Burlington Coat Factory on sale will have to do:



soooo gucci.

anyways here are a few pictures from my day. also did you know that my generation is also known as the selfie generation? just accept it.


i hate pink. so thought this was appropriate.


i grabbed some lunch at this adorable little italian shop. and was reminded quickly, as soon as i sat down that i was in fact eating alone. thanks to this awesome mirror set up. thanks for that Italian Eatery.


free people. mostly my favorite apparel ever. and this mirror i found in the store. aka mirror in my future home.




in Greenwich, they have traffic police on every corner. Literally, directing traffic and…..people I found out. I had never seen that before. At one street, i looked both ways and it was clear so i went ahead and crossed. Well, that’s not what you’re supposed to do. The police man firmly yelled “Ma’am!, What are you doing?” He then walked over to me and explained that I had disobeyed. After explaining my misunderstanding, he let it slide. But if you ever go to Greenwich you need to wait until the police obnoxiously and sternly yells “CROSS”


laugh out loud at the picture above. i’m new to the iphone world. i was literally trying to turn my volume down and instead it took a picture which made an obnoxious loud snap sound. well that drew everyone around attention to me and i’m guessing they drew their own conclusion that i was that girl taking a selfie in the mirror. no shame in my game.

it was a much needed day to explore. i’m very much a person who needs to explore and do things alone. something about going somewhere not knowing what it has to offer nor where/what to do is exciting to me. i then came home and passed out, by 7pm on a Saturday night. i found out this morning i missed out on tylers bday celebration which involved cake and pizza, so bummin hard about that.

well greenwich did me good. such a beautiful place and a wonderful town to explore.

i’m off now to freeze my booty off at the Giants vs. Cowboys game.




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