i’ve really been on top of my blogging game lately, haven’t i? you lucky duckies you.

i’ve just been having awesome adventures lately. for example yesterday, Metlife Stadium. that’s right folks, i went to the brand spankin new stadium to watch the NY Giants take on the Dallas Cowboys. mark invited me to come along which makes him boss.of.the.year. in my books.

 some background information about the family i am with. my door has a cowboy sticker on it, the boys have more cowboy apparel than i have clothes combined, they also have life size cowboy player cut outs on the walls of their rooms and when a cowboy game is on… you are either watching it or you are not living. this house lives and breathes Dallas cowboys. with that we were off, mark, tyler, robert and I.

and let me tell you, i was i in for a treat. seriously. we had suite seats. i mean, come on – right?



did you guys know that Jay Z was here a few months ago? that was the highlight of being at the met life stadium for this girl.



felt like such a lucky duck having the opportunity to check this place out. what an exciting sunday. oh, the cowboys won so we left in good moods 😉

on our way home, we crossed the george washington bridge which also has a breathtaking view of the new york skyline. i know i know, you’re thinking… “here she goes again, talking about new york” and you’re right – here i go.

actually no. i’m wiped. monday’s – they’ll get ya.

but this video below is exactly how i felt while crossing the bridge




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