Christmas in New York City. Is that a dream everyone has? If it isn’t already – top of your list.

this weekend, Maddie and I did new york christmas.

meet madawg:


we we’re ready to go.


we started at Bryant Park, because it’s both of our favorite spot.



so many people. such great spirits.

then we decided to go to town with the whole christmas in nyc thing. here are pictures from our day:


the tree lighting ceremony happens this Tuesday, so i guess that just means i will have to go back 😉 ImageImage

note all the people!!


something really fun on the iphone, is that i can search ‘nearby’ events, happening now. so we gave it s a shot and ended up in Columbus Circle, which is on the upper west side. it’s known for its arts and creativity. it’s also the really ‘nice’ and ‘wealthy’ party of manhattan. very well up kept.

there was a light show happening at the town center (shopping mall) with lights and holiday music:


i just want to make note that i’ve now edited this post about 7 times. i kept editing it to try and get my point across about how beautiful and magical the city is right now. really emphasize it. but, the truth is – i wish upon every single person the opportunity to experience it in their lifetime, because pictures and blog posts don’t do it’s justice.

the city is truly magical. it’s incredible. and i know, i probably sound like a broken record – because i think every weekend i come home saying that. but it’s true. especially now. everyone is coming to new york to see the displays, to get in the holiday spirit, to be merry and jolly. it was an awesome way to kick off the holiday season. the lights were incredible and the displays… out of this world.

can you believe it – it’s december. it’s december!!!  life, you should slow your roll.



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