i have a problem. the older i get, the earlier i wake up. on the weekends it’s like my body doesn’t remember it’s the weekend and so i wake up at the crack of dawn on my own. annoying.

On Saturday morning I woke up and felt so refreshed and ready to go. I thought to myself, “yes, I must have slept so well. it’s got to be 9 or 10.”

it was 6:15 am.

 i decided to embrace it. i put on my running shoes and headed to the subway. i had heard about the east river being a beautiful, scenic route for a run and had yet to check it out. while en route to the river i was so excited. new things, places, people… anything that gives me the opportunity to explore – i’m about it. Image

 i got off at the wrong stop. forgot to connect and switch a subway. and then, i couldn’t navigate my way down to the path. was i upset? not one bit. i sometimes prefer being lost. it’s fun, you find the unexpected. like this awesome view of the Washington Bridge:


and this cool view of the city:


 after a few hours i headed back to my friend’s place. we made breakfast and ventured out for the day.

when i was younger, i remember my dad always waking us up. sleeping late in the hoeschen household does not fly. i remember my parents always saying “get up and get moving” or “you don’t sleep all day” etc. and at the time, it was the last thing i wanted to hear. i mean what kid/teenager wants to be woken up? well – here i am, a few years down the road and here it goes:

mom and dad, i am so appreciative i was raised that way.

i was feeling so happy i got up and got moving,  with the rest of NY. it’s true, that city never sleeps. it gave me the opportunity to explore and see what was happening around town. my favorite.



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