Did you know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday? It is. My very favorite. Mostly because of my aunt Shelia’s pumpkin dessert. that stuff is heaven in your mouth. also, because it’s a holiday that is so relaxed lazy and laid back… you know, like me 😉 

as well as i do adapting, transitioning and thrive on change in my life, changing up holiday traditions bum me out. this year, i tried not to think too much about not being home with my family and missing out on that pumpkin dessert this year….. before i knew it, the day was here. I went to the New Canaan Turkey Bowl with the Harris family. For years, New Canaan HS hosts a football game against Darien on Thanksgiving – what an awesome idea, right?. Football is HUGE here. I mean, the town lives and breathes the hs football team. It was so fun. Everyone was in good spirits, lots of family and people.


what a great way to start off the holiday. 

after the game, we headed home and i wasn’t sure my plan yet, typical lauren hoeschen.

 i ended up heading into the city that afternoon to meet up with a friend. on the train, i had some time to reflect on how thankful i am for this journey. are you guys ready? i’m about to get sappy.

anyone who is reading this, you inspire me and have made me the person i am today. i am so happy where i am and i wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. at times, i wonder if this is a dream, if it’s normal to be as happy as i am? i owe that all to every single person who has been part of my life. i am so thankful for you. ya’ll rock. i feel like the luckiest gal to have such driven, talented, beautiful people in my life. what a blessing 🙂 

as i was reflecting and thinking of you all… i started to analyze the situation. here i was, on my favorite holiday….on a train…alone. i had missed out on thanksgiving eve with all my friends at home who were in town, i wasn’t able to be home for the first time ever for thanksgiving, i wasn’t near family and all i could think about was that damn pumpkin dessert. FEEL BAD FOR ME. 


the train stopped in Stamford, like always. I was looking down at my phone because i am now one of those typical people who are always glued to their iphone at all times. if you want to know what’s happening at any minute, i’m on top of it. anywho as i was feeling sad and looking down at my phone, someone sat down across from me and said “happy thanksgiving”

 i looked up and was caught off guard as it was a young guy, about my age. i don’t know why that surprised me, but we got to talking. so much that we talked the entire train ride to Grand Central. come to find out, he lived in the town next to me and works in the city. he was heading to Jersey for the holiday. we ended up talking about life in general and how we’re both sorta just doing our own thing right now. not sure what/where we’re supposed to be, or go – but we’re having fun and enjoying life as it is. so maybe i’m not the only crazy one out there who is feeling the way i do. what an awesome conversation to have on thanksgiving. it was a really humbling conversation. here i was, feeling bad and sad about not being home and then this happened and i was so happy. it was a good reminder that life has a way of taking care of you.  once we got to grand central we hung out for a while and then we both had to part our ways. thankful for people. thankful for good people and good conversations. 

i was then off to meet my friend at her cousins house TO FEAST. i felt so grateful she invited me over. i stuffed myself silly. 

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving.




gobble gobble. 




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