rookie nanny

i know, i know…. i’ve been here over 1/2 a year – but i still consider myself a rookie at this nanny thing.

this week, the boys have half days at school. which means the bus comes earlier.

you guessed it. miss lauren missed michael’s bus on tuesday. my heart literally stopped when the school called saying they had michael back at school in the office. although it was a complete accident, my motherly instincts kicked in. my heart sunk. i just kept thinking that he was probably thinking “she forgot about me” or that he was most likely freaking out , crying or scared to death – not knowing what was going on. i felt so terrible. i had never, ever felt that way before.

i got to the school, probably looked like a complete mess….running, panting, and could barely get my words out that i was there to pick up my michael man.

i sprinted to the office to find michael chatting it up with the secratary and had the bigget grin on his face. he then explained to me that he was so lucky because he got to ride on the bus all by himself back to school with the bus driver. oh, and he got to sit in the office at school and he wasn’t even in trouble!!

kids, i tell ya.

this is a big shout out to my super brave kindergartner mikeman.


in other news we’re really into playing dr. lately. michael is the doctor and i am the patient. yesterday, i needed a shot in my knee and he said “this is a shot, it won’t hurt and if you just be brave, you can do it – you won’t even feel it”

i love kids and i love my job.




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