followers! hi! i have missed ya. it’s been a while since i’ve shown my blog some love, hasn’t it?

i promise i have a good excuse. i just had the most ah-mazing thirteen days in MN.

MN is the place to be. i’m telling you and the whole wide world. i think i sometimes get so caught up in where i am now, that i forget how much MN rocks. it’s true that there is something about the people, the lifestyle and way of life there – it’s special and i was so happy to be there. however, i am not even sure i blinked the whole 13 days -that’s how busy i was. isn’t that how it always goes though? oh also if there is a world record for ‘having the most coffee/lunch dates within a week span’ i win. ooftah.

there is something about being home. all my life it’s all i’ve ever known… until this point in my life. at college, going home was an hour away. it was a few times a month or a ‘let’s meet half way for dinner’ with my parents. i had never lived anywhere but the midwest. New Canaan, is not the midwest let me tell you. it’s no where near the mid west. the people, the way of life, everything is so different. i’ve become well adjusted and have found a special place in my heart for this place. it’s my home now. but, there was something so normal and comforting about going home to MN.  it’s hard to describe. but all ya’ll old folks out there who have experienced this already in their life – don’t ya agree? maybe it has something to do with my mom’s back massages, or my dad filling the gas tank….

here are some pictures from my time in minnesnowta:


my baby brother turned 17. i can hardly believe it but i am so proud of him and all his accomplishments and who he has become. seriously this dude is going places.


my mom, she’s always right about things. it’s weird.


 got to see my best friend em kaus. the most fun girl in the whole wide world. also she has kick ass hair.


took a trip to Menomonie, wi. i hadn’t been back since i graduated in May. it was so fun reliving the best four years of my life and seeing my college people. my college friends and i have such a special bond and i will forever cherish it. we always joke that menomonie, wi “it’s not real” because there is no place like it. really. there is nothing there – but, it’s the most magical place. the people, the energy, the school and it’s often – out of control. it’s bizarre.


 you know all my friends i talk about in ny, well i owe it all to this gal , brooke ^. she’s got the hook ups.


a few of my college roomies. good times. good times. i think i’m getting older because i’m starting to cringe at the thought of 6 girls in one teeny tiny house. but we did it. we did that. bats, mice, mold, parties. imagine all of the hair curlers, straighteners, blow dryer’s, lights left on, hot showers  and then imagine the electricity bill. we survived. we survived.


 you know how they say that we don’t appreciate things until they’re gone. lakes. lakes you guys. i’ve missed lakes and all the activities and beauty they offer. they are non existent here.


Ok. that is my very good friend Alex Greening. Alex Greening is one of the most fascinating people in this entire world. FO REALZ.  He would be the perfect candidate for Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People. We met our sophomore year in college as we were neighbors in the dorm. Living next to that guy was the coolest, ever. We have had some of the best conversations about life I have ever had. He is so interested in what this life has to offer, and is a pro at chasing his dreams. He is on fire. He thrives on new, change, and living life for yourself. He makes everything seem possible. Should i continue? We were able to meet up at this awesome new tea place in uptown called Verdant Tea. If you have the chance, go there. Such a treat being able to see him.


i think the hardest part about being away from home is being away from my siblings. my siblings may be the best siblings in the world. i’m going to leave it at that.

 we were able to end the year together (see above: the last supper of 2013) and ring in the new year together. so basically it was the best new years ever.


sorry you’re not us.


i’m feeling so over joyed and blessed to have people like all of you in my life. being home i was surrounded by so much support and love, it made me feel so blessed for all ya’ll. i have such a happy heart for being able to spend as much time as i did in MN.

one thing that was confirmed for me while home was:

no matter where i am, no matter where i go, no matter who i become, mn will always hold the biggest place in my heart.




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