i’ve been on such a life high recently. i’ve been consumed with thoughts of my time at home seeing everyone. seeing my family and friends. i can’t help but feel so spoiled having you all in my life. so so spoiled.  and my friends i have met while here, i’m showing you love to. i honestly feel like i have hit the jackpot with the people who have been part of my journey thus far in life. on another note, with all of that being said – i am realizing that i am now at a stage in my life where friendships are growing a part, they’re drifting. is it normal to feel that the older I get, i find myself losing more and more friends?
i think the answer to that is this: i feel this way because at the age of 22 or 20-whatever, i guess, you don’t really know who you are. i think we 20 something’s gravitate towards whoever seems right at the time. i’ve had such a loss of friends lately because well, people change. we’re changing, constantly. especially at this point in my life. people are moving, settling down, traveling, going places and figuring it out. we’re learning. we’re changing. it’s nothing to freak out over, it’s something to accept and know that when one door closes, another opens.
with that, there are those friends who seriously.rock. they are my rock. and they are going to be my homeis FO LIFE.  like Brian Ashburn. Do you remember Brian? I’ve blogged about him before. He’s the one who was in NYC this summer who had an awesome internship with CNN. Oh and before that with Ellen DeGeneres. Oh and he was back in NYC visiting because he had won tickets to SNL with Justin TImberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Yeah, I know….

anywho. i’ll always be so excited to see Brian. our friendship is going to last a life time, i’m sure of that. he’s just one of those really, really good friends. one of those friends that really, truly, have your best interest at heart. you know that no matter where you go or end up in this life – that friend will be there for you. they will be rooting for you at your worst and at your best.  they’re going to call you out, tell you what you need to hear whether you want it or not. they are going to lift you higher and higher.

a part of me feels like i am always the one running in a different direction. it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve followed this blog all along or you know me – that i’m constantly running in a different direction. change of pace, scene, people, places, culture, anything fresh, new and unknown to me – it’s what i live for.  because of that, i feel i am the root problem of those lost friendship.

but my true homeiz are the ones who understand that. the ones who are pushing me to keep going, to do me.

so. got a little off track there. but not really. because that’s brian. he gets that about me. he’s always cheering me on to go to bigger and go do better. to do what i gotta do.

shout out to all mah friends out there. you know who you are. and i love ya ta death.

anywhoooo, brian was back in NYC a few weeks ago. remember, because he won those… you know, SNL tickets & here we are:



oh also, remember from my posts this summer that when Brian and I met, we had dreams of one day being in NYC together. BOOOYA ALL. DREAMZ DO COME TRU.

the point of this post is to remember the importance of learning to let go. not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. they might be just a sentence or page of your story – but they have impacted you to be the person you are right now in this very moment. those friendships that have grown a part, no matter where we are no and no matter who we are – we wouldn’t be where or who we are without that person. neat, ey?

then there are those who are part of a chapter, heck, they may be part of the entire series. whatever their role – relationships impact us. they are the reason we are who we are at this very moment. everyone who is part of your book, is part of your story and i’ll be forever grateful for those. if i’m certain about anything it’s this: hold on to those people that are good to you. those people who are there for you when you’re at your best and who are there at your worst. those people who make this life worth living.

those of you who have done that for me, words can’t describe how i feel about you. good gravy, you guys are so good to me and you have made this gal so very happy.

xo xo xo



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