be happy.

today i sat in grand central station for over an hour. it may have been the best hour of my life. i had a latte in hand and i sat on the steps for approx. one hour and fourteen minutes.

mom & dad i know you just rolled your eyes after reading that. i know you have always taught me to make things happen. move move move. up and at it. go go go. trust me though, it was a goood hour and fourteen minutes of sitting around.

grand central wins for the best place to people watch. it’s such a hussle bussle place. people are coming and going every which direction. leaving and arriving. catching trains, subways and taxi’s. it’s easy to get caught up in it when you’re there – rushing to get to where you need to be, and to get through the crowd. but, me – i like to watch it all. it’s exciting and relaxing at the same time. it’s a way to get lost in your own thoughts. what i mean is that as i was sitting there watching people, loved ones saying their goodbye’s, saying their hello’s, or someone sprinting through the main concourse, homeless people laying down, others completely lost, people snapping pictures, – you get caught up in it and their story. it’s magical.


as i sat there, i was trying to think of a point or a theme for this post. ughhh. i had such a great weekend in the city, and i’ve been so anxious to share it with you all. each weekend is better and better, it blows my mind. anyways i did and saw so much, i couldn’t put a finger on what to focus on for this post. then again, as you’ve caught on i’m sure – i’m usually all over the place with my posts anyways. like right now. here i go again… ranting. getting off topic. oh tonight for dinner guess what happened..

just kidding.

ok, really though – the theme of this post from the weekend came to me while i was getting lost in everyone else in grand central. so here it is:

i knew nothing about anyone in grand central. nothing about anyone. but i do know that someone i saw was having the best day of their life, i know that someone was having the worst. some were running away, some were coming home. some were arriving to meet friends and some may have been arriving because, they made it – alone. then i got to thinking about myself and that very moment, where did i belong? i’ll tell you. i had made it. i made it to that very moment and i was happy. i started to think about the first time i arrived in grand central last summer.  i remember having so much anxiety about not knowing where to go and not being able to navigate around, everything like my job, not knowing my my nanny kids well, not knowing the routine, my new home, friends, the city, Connecticut, the train, subways and…. not knowing how to use the coffee maker which was seriously a big deal.

do you know that saying that goes “it’s good now and then to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy”  that’s what i felt yesterday and it felt good. it was nice to sit and reflect on how much i have grown since this last summer. i mean, i now know the in’s and outs of that coffee maker at our house now. i know this town (new canaan) like the back of my hand and i can’t imagine the day when i’m not with tyler, robert or michael.  i think too often we over look our own journey and what we have conquered – how far we’ve come. just like everyone in grand central we’re all ‘hussle bussle’ and i think it’s important to take a step back, pause, and just be. be happy.  We’ve all made it to this very moment somehow and that’s something to celebrate. we’ve all grown and learned things along the way to get us to this very moment. neat.

we have to remind ourselves that we all started somewhere and those obstacles, barriers and walls along our adventure’s – we’ve overcome, we’re breaking them down and we’re going for it. so i think we all deserve a pat on the back. no matter what your dealing with, no matter what your going through, be proud of being you at this very moment and where you are. i sure am and it feels pretty darn good.

pictures from my weekend:


the train on saturday morning was POPPIN. can you tell? so many people, it was a joke.


met up with Sydney at Peels in East Village. if you’re visiting/living in NY go to Peels. wow, so good. also Sydney – hands down one of my favorite people. has such a passion for life and for just going after it. at one point, she had pink hair. SO COOL.

(check the page on the left for link to Peels website)

IMG_1526 IMG_1527


i wanted to post this picture ^^ because i found that top for $3.00. thank you forever 21. and who am i kidding, that wine in my hand, $6.00.

IMG_1544 IMG_1545

saturday night went out with Maddie. we went to our friend Ryan’s friends place. new people & new place… in my element. i eat that stuff up. it was fun getting to know new people except it fell short as soon as we arrived at this place ‘200 Orchard’. the moment we walked in i heard music. when i hear music my life is put on hold. i immediately made my way to the dance floor… and did not leave, not once. IMG_1551 IMG_1554

as i was walking to grand central on sunday – i stopped by this coffee shop, The Bean and left with a bag of pastries & a grande coffee in my hand. imagine me just walking along, alone and stuffing my mouth and expanding my belly and then all of a sudden i was bombarded by this group of runners, they came from every which direction and i was caught in the middle of it all. is that a sign?

passed this and took it as a sign that i need to eat there one day. NOM.


no matter where you are, where you’re going, or what you’re doing at this moment, be happy today. there is so much to be happy about.




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