hello hello.

it’s been a while since showing my blog some love. here’s what i’ve been up to:


went to a ranger hockey game a few weeks back at madison square garden with a good friend of mine. so much fun. also liam neeson was there – how cool.

after the game i missed three of my trains which put me at home in my bed at 3am with an alarm clock set for 5am to catch my flight home that morning,  but that’s besides the point. call me MS. AdVenTuRe!


how we currently feel about mondays.

also we’ve been really into bathtub pretend lately. my personal favorite is “Miss Lauren’s Hair Salon” and Michael says his is “Michael’s Restaurant” I will say although pricey, his ice cream cones with extra bubbles on top are to die for.  😉


 tyler’s band concert.


 i had to go home this last weekend. i landed in Chicago and found out my flight had been cancelled to MN. stranded in Chicago! Some would look at it as a hassle, I on the other hand looked at it as a time to treat myself. 😉


the times i’ve been home this winter all i can think is how i cant believe i survived mn winters. omg. Riley and i made it to the end of the drive way before i had enough of our ‘walk’  and needless to say, he wasn’t to thrilled with me.


my flight back to ny was cancelled – which meant more time for frozen yogurt with Emma and Andrew. Which also meant time for me to spend a day getting my hair done, more time with Riley, more time lounging around, having days off, meeting friends for coffee & lunch, spending time with Drew, Blake & Anna. three flights cancelled and delays during my trip home but this girl ain’t complainin’.


if you’ve never flown on an airplane during sunrise, you’re missing out.


 flying into new york is at the top of the list; best views.


got my hairs cut.


went to the Chelsea Market this weekend. never gets old.


had intentions of ‘juicing’ – i opted out of the vegetable/fruit blends and went straight for the chocolate butter. not sorry.


still on such a high from seeing my good friend Kurt this weekend who was in town for work.


checked out a new place in the west village called Fat Cat. you could spend forever there and never get bored. if you’re looking for a chill, laid back place where you can socialize and play ping pong, shuffle boards, live music, cards, pool tables than it’s a place for you.


possibly my favorite night thus far in nyc. was so happy to see such great friends Kenzo and Kurt.

isn’t it crazy where we end up? four years ago if you would have told me that i would be in nyc with Kurt and Kenzo, I would have laughed in your face. they both have been all over the country working and making something of themselves and here we were in nyc, crazy talk! we had such a good time catching up and YOU GUYS – this isn’t the last you’ll hear of Kenzo and Kurt… they’re going to be big. watch out world.


 ventured to Central Park on Sunday with Jamie!

ps. it was FREEEZING

psss. i would like to give a great big shout out to the man who literally captured the moment taking our picture.


after freezing our butts off, we stopped for the best apple cider we’ve ever tasted.

random happenings in my world:


received this message a while back from one of the greatest friends a girl could have & had to share. i love ya emily alma and i promise to never turn into a boring person. 🙂

all is well. all is good.




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