happy happy post valentines day.

i hope everyone went out and celebrated by buying 1/2 off candy this last weekend and you’re stuffing yourself silly.

i was really excited for valentines day this year. a whole day dedicated to love? i’m about it.

i started celebrating early in the week when i went out to get a gift/goodie bag ready for my boys to give them on Friday but then i accidentally ate all the chocolate i bought, whoops. so i made a trip out on Thursday night again to put a bag of goodies together and set them on the table so they would wake up to them on Friday morning. so that might have not been the best idea. on Friday morning i woke up, came downstairs and Michael’s was gone. you guys, that bag was stuffed with candy. i’m talking chocolate galore, sugar extravaganza, packed – jammed full with goodies.my stomach hurt for him. i couldn’t believe it. but, have no fear – that crazy energy from all the sugar was not mine to deal with as they were heading out to Vermont for the week/end.  i’m sure tracey & mark were thrilled with me during their 4hr. road trip that morning. 😉

my friend maddie came into town Friday.


the girl got off the train and had roses in her hand for me. do my friends rock or what.

we spent the weekend dog sitting.not just watching any dogs, but the cutest most warm your heart, adorable dogs


i mean, there couldn’t have been a better weekend to have babysat those pooches. valentines day weekend and i was so in love. eeeeeeeeek! Trooper and Sydney stole my heart and win for the best valentines this year.

this morning i thought i had gone blind. i woke up and all i saw was white. nope, not blind – just the sun shine! woo hoo, sunshine! i walked downstairs, made a pot of coffee and called my grandpa schneider. little did i know that the call was going to be so fitting for this post about L-O-V-E day. Our phone call began with him expressing that Friday was a tough day for him. 64 years ago on Valentines day he and the love of his life got engaged and so began their beautiful life together. the love of his life; my grandma mj passed away this january. the world lost one heck of a lady that day and it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that she is gone. the woman had such an impact on every single person she knew, whether they know it or not. something i am so grateful for is that it is easy to see her live through each and every single one of us.

i found myself at a loss of words as he was going through his feelings and how rough it was to get through his first valentines day without her. you know those moments in life when you know it’s time to comfort someone and to be there for them; well that moment was happening and i had nothing. my mind just went blank and all i could think of was how badly i wanted to jump on the next flight home to be there giving him the biggest hug. unfortunately that wasn’t a choice so i did the next best thing; i listened.

the next 45 minutes he went on to tell me the most incredible love story. he started out saying “from the moment i laid eyes on her at a dance, i knew i loved her. “

**my heart pounding, wrenching, pulling out of my chest**

he had first seen her at a dance hall they went to on Tuesday nights where he then asked her to dance and she agreed. eek! of course, friends saw what was happening and began to talk. he told her friends he wanted to ask her to ‘intermission’ and they urged him to ask, he did and she agreed!! so it began.

now if you didn’t know my grandma schneider she was a tough cookie. she knew where she stood and wasn’t going to let anyone take that away from her.she was an independent woman all her life who was going to put someone in their place rather the other way around. with that when grandpa saw her again the next week at the dance he asked her to meet him at another dance hall that thursday, and she denied.

dun dun dun.

(i had this same conversation with grandma a few years back in which she told me she said no because “she needed to first finish her education and make something of herself before going on dates with boys” and that women should  “keep the chase because if they come back, then you really know if they want to be with you and if not, there’s more fish in the sea.”)

even though she declined his invitation to the dance, he hadn’t given up yet. he asked her to the movies the following sunday, she agreed and they dated ever since. tuesday’s were dancing, thursdays they went to a more modern dance hall and on sunday’s they went to the movies. a year and a half later on February 14th he popped the question and she said yes.

the next 64 years that love was still electric. grandpa kept telling me how happy of a life they had together. he loved that woman and was in love with her. he told me that he thinks love like that is hard to find these days, but it’s out there. the love he had for my grandma since the moment he laid eyes on her was the same love he had for her 64 years later and to this day.

i felt like i was watching the ending quote of some intense romantic movie. that part where they get you and the tears start to pour out. the end of a movie where you just sit in your seat staring at a blank screen; jaw dropped and all because you can’t believe what you just saw.

my grandpa is a lot of things. he is the most patient man i have ever known. he has a heart of gold. he will always be more interested in what you’re doing than himself. he will never speak to fast or be one to jump to conclusions. most importantly my grandpa knows how to love. my grandma and grandpa have taught me that love is the most important part of life. whether it be romantic love, family, friendship or stranger love – whether it be loving a person, moment, or loving a thing – love. they never once have not expressed how grateful they are for everything that has come their way. they constantly are expressing how blessed they have been to have such wonderful people in their life that they love. they have done one heck of a job teaching the world how to love.

valentines day is about loving everything in this life. it serves as a reminder to express, appreciate and celebrate that love. think about all the love that surrounds you, every kind of love in your life, it’s pretty magical. no matter what comes our way and no matter what we’re going through or where we are going, think of the love that surrounds you and let that guide you.

“don’t be afraid to fall in love, it’s the only thing that matters in life. fall in love with as many things as possible”

i truly believe that love conquers all and i urge you to remember that.

xo xo


ps. i can’t find out how to change the font color to pink and that frustrated me this entire post.

pss. talking about love. i looooooove pinterest and found this recipe i can’t wait to surprise my boys with when they get home Thursday morning http://www.pinterest.com/pin/201606520793329360/

psss. YES i have been on a little vacation since Friday morning being my family here is out of town. i LOOOOVE vacation. 🙂


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