lots of happenings and going ons lately.

this week the boys had off school for vacation. the family went to Vermont to go skiing, which meant a week of vacation for this girl too. it was a nice breather for a week, but i was also ready for my boys to come home to me – i think i prefer the chaos over an empty house.

i kept myself busy for the week. among many other awesome outings i checked out a resteraunt in Stamford; Bar Taco with a good friend of mine.


. bar taco, you’re good – you’re real good.

look here and drool. 

after some good conversation and stuffing ourselves silly we headed to trivia night.

sooooooooooooo let’s talk about the weather this weekend. it was insane. crazy good. so good jackets were optional. unbelievable. 50 degrees and sunshine ya’ll. smiles all around. good people in good moods. eeeeek! i loved it. it was perfect conditions for adventure – my favorite! i asked my friend emily to come explore with me.

two girls and sunshine with no destination in sight –  we hopped on the highway, pumped the jams and we were off.

we started with a yummy brunch as Orem’s diner.


two things; 1) OREM’s is the American Diner. Anything you order off the menu is just another word for ‘heart attack’ 2) ‘Brunching’ is a thing on the east coast. I mean, it’s an actual very serious thing and i’m kind of obsessed with it.

after eating more carbs and greasy food than needed we were back at it. we drove a ways down the highway until we reached Orange, CT. What’s in Orange, CT you ask?


the PEZ Visitor center, duh.



cool. very cool. i didn’t even know such a place existed. i learned more about PEZ than i could have ever imagined. how cool that we ran into a place that neat.

i’m telling great things come from driving with no destination in mind.

i’m really excited to share with you what we did next. we went to a great mexican hot spot for some lunch and just look at this:



i want to take a moment and make a huge shout out to my friend emily. i met emily this summer and i’m so glad our paths have crossed. emily is hands down one of the most unique, loyal, caring and generous human beings i know. every time i see her she is telling me about something new to be involved with, how to volunteer my time, or how to be connected to the community. she is so on top of her game it’s sick. she brought me alone to an event last night called ‘Eat for Equality”

here’s the scoop on Eat for Equality:

“We bring people together around good food to raise money for the greater good. We gather in different homes each month in different cities to eat local, organic meals made from scratch. And in coming together, we manage to do some small good for a community larger than ourselves”

new people, new place, good food and good cause? sign this girl up.

the event was hosted at Franklin Street Works which is a new, non profit contemporary art space, cafe and social gathering place. it was a pretty cool event to be part of and i’m so glad i went.


i urge you all to check out eat for equality in your neck of the woods. if you like good food, good conversation and doing good – why the heck not?

check it out and learn more here: http://eatforequity.org/





the cherry ontop of my weekend was this morning when i facetime’d my good friend andrew from home and he put me on hold because he was ordering Mcdonalds.


facetiming while driving and then putting someone on hold while you order mcdonalds. kids these days, i tell ya.


it was a good weekend and it’s a good life.

embrace the adventure.




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