happy monday darlings.

first things first. when i opened my blog home page this morning, i had a little orange trophy figure in the top right corner that i had never seen before. i was intrigued, so clicked it. turns out you guys like my blog! i can’t believe it. it was a trophy congratulating me on all the traffic and comments my blog has been getting lately. you guys, ya rock my world.

i had a great weekend. lots of unintended adventures which are my favorite. i’m going to save you the stories but here’s what i think about adventure:

Inspirational Quotes #InspirationalQuotes #Inspirational #Quotes

a few pictures from my weekend:


mad and i were en route to our friend Sydney’s for brunch when we soon figured out the subway we needed was down. we hopped on a bus and as we sat down we realized it was the wrong bus. we had no idea where we were going but we embraced the situation.

we ended up in Brooklyn so all smiles and happy hearts for us.

we found the cutest brunch place in the whole flipping world. i’m telling you.


Check it out here!

anytime i end up in brooklyn, i’m the happiest ever. sometimes i forget i can be that happy.after brunch we headed over to a few thrift shops. alright people, if you’re going to make a trip to new york and you’re looking to do some serious new york shopping trust me, brooklyn is your place. it is. the thrifting in brooklyn is OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD. here are a few of my favorites:

Buffalo Exchange

Monks Vintage Thrift Shop

Beacons Closet


in the midst of thrifting don’t forget to stop by The Tea Room and get your caffeine fix. also, it’s adorable.

Saturday night I went to Tyler and Robert’s basketball game and although I don’t think they will be making it to the NBA in their future; it was so gosh darn cute and hilarious. A+ for effort.



ps. it’s really hard to focus on a basketball when you are trying to entertain a kindergartner. michael could.not.sit.still.could.not. i think i got a workout just from going back and forth between chasing Michael around the school and watching the game.

Sunday I caught up with my very best friends back home; lauren, emily and emma – something i luuuh-ve to do. i’m so intrigued with what everyone is doing and where they are going. what adventure they are on.  i think right now at this moment in my life is so fun. everyone is doing different things, going their own way and doing them. it’s exciting, motivating and inspiring to see where everyone is ending up. i feel so flipping spoiled to have these three in my life (among others). they are all so special. after talking with all of them, i got all sappy sad and started to look at old pictures of us all and i wanted to share them:


meet lauren velin; the worlds most emotional human being and i will always envy her for it. she wears her heart on her sleeve and will always tell you how she feels. we met in 7th grade when we sat next to each other in math class. the first time we had a sleepover i fell asleep to the movie we were watching and woke up to her crying so hard she was gasping for air and throwing tissue’s at the tv. she will never let someone push her around, she is seriously one of the strongest human beings i know. she is also the most kind, loyal and determined gal i know. we’ve been through some pretty serious ups and down, traveled the world and cross country and have truly grown a lot  together. i love ya lo ve.


emma g is my twin. we met the first week of college and we became instant friends. it’s unbelievable how alike we are. i can’t even explain to you how alike we are.  emma and i are so close that it’s freaky. we share the same laid back, chill and adventure personality. we’re passionate about the exact same things and we’ve encountered a lot of the same things in life.  she is so patient and caring – it’s truly unbelievable. currently emma works at an adoption agency. she’s applying to graduate school and moving to boston. what a cool life huh. anyways here’s a picture of the time we went to see Hoodie Allen for the second time. when it was finally our turn to fulfill my life long dream of getting a picture with my stud muffin, future husband and love of my life, the man who took this picture – screwed up. i will never forgive you sir. never.




so this girl, emily has the most optimistic gal out there. i have yet to find any other human being as fun as emily. she’s on fire. i feel so spoiled to have her.  her humor – insane. think of the funniest and most fun person you know and multiply it by 1000… that’s em. she also has a heart of gold. that heart of hers ya’ll, it’s remarkable. emily is a nurse and she just.bought.ahouse. yaaaa my 22 year old friend is a home owner and i may be more excited about it than she is. holllllaaa.

 ok. so there’s that.

happy monday.

also i want to try something new and i need your help. comment on this post with questions or ideas for another post.




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