it’s the weekend ya’ll. breathe.

oooof. my week was a kick in my booty, fo realz. my boys took every once of energy out of me this week. is that normal for kids to do that? 😉

but i mean, more than usual this week. to the point where i was on four cups of coffee Friday, and that – that hasn’t happened since… college finals week. i just felt so exhausted and defeated. i felt like i was using everything i had in me not to pop. what a terrible feeling. maybe it was because on Monday we went out to eat and after numerous times asking Michael to sit still because I didn’t want anything to spill, he spilled his milkshake all over the table and then his whole world came crashing down because the ice cream was gone. in the process of trying to help clean it up, Robert knocked all the fries off the table and onto the floor and then Tyler was so upset with Robert for doing that, he hit Robert. Then those two started fighting while Michael was balling over his milkshake. It was a scene to say the least. Maybe it was because Michael put up a fight when i told him he would not be excused from the dinner table until his milk was gone and for the next 47 minutes he sat there, crying and pouting that he ‘just couldn’t do it’ but then he thought a straw would make it taste better. i gave him the straw and that milk was gone in two seconds. who knew straws made milk taste better? Or maybe it was because every single day this week Bob and Tyler fought and fought and fought over whose turn it was to use the one pair of roller blades. Deals were made, deals were broken and no matter what I had to say about it, someone was not a happy camper.  Maybe because Tyler fought me again and again over practicing his Trumpet – I mean, doing everything possible to not do what i was asking, everything. or maybe because he came to me at 7:30pm telling me that he needed a library book the next morning for school when the library closes at 8:00 and it takes us a half hour to get there. Maybe it was because Robert put up a fight after fight after fight to practice his spelling words with me. Maybe it was because we’re really working on Michael doing things on his own, and it’s not sitting well with him. he’s either putting up a fight or taking FOREVER to do it. for example, I waited in the car for almost 13 minutes while Michael put on his velcro shoes and it took everything i had not to go in there and just do it myself for him. or the other day when he sat at the top of the stairs crying because I wouldn’t come upstairs to help him get dressed and so we almost missed the bus. we’re also working on not crying when he doesn’t get his way which has been taking every ounce of everything i have inside of me. it’s ridiculous. maybe it was because when i asked the boys to shower on Tuesday they opted to take a bath together instead… and when i went to check on them – water was EVERYWHERE on the bathroom floor and seeped into the carpets outside the bathroom into the bedroom and even on the walls and mirrors because a water fight seemed more fun.  or maybe because i was the “worst nanny ever” because i wouldn’t allow Robert to play video games until his laundry was put away.  or maybe because michael stayed home on Friday and had I forgot i had an appointment that I couldn’t reschedule so he had to come with me. trying to entertain a kindergartner at an appointment… it ain’t easy. or maybe because robert had to create a ‘pi picture’ for pi day and when i came downstairs, he had paint all over – the table, chairs, everywhere. in which, i freaked. i completely flipped out.

i like my job. i like my job. i like my job. i like my job.

i know every single parent is giggling at me right now.

ok, parents, – how do you do it?

yesterday, Friday at 5:30pm, i was free. i sprinted out of this house at approx. 5:30:01 and drove straight to yoga. i needed me some serious mind detox. friday night yoga with Emily has forever changed my life and it was exactly what i needed. i’ll save you the details of the practice but let me tell you, the practice opened my mind and my thoughts. my ride home was pretty amazing.

on my way home, i got to thinking about the week. i remembered a few tings. i remembered that on my way home from michael’s disaster with his milk shake in the restaurant on Monday, he all of a sudden said “Miss Lauren, you’re my favorite nanny, because you take me to get ice cream” and then i remembered the water fight disaster in the bathtub and thought, how fun. when and why did i stop having water fights or fun in the bathtub? and then i remembered that Robert brought home a big fat 100% on his spelling test on Friday! And then I got to thinking about all the fighting this week with the roller blades and how i didn’t get involved because i think it’s important for kids to resolve conflicts on their own and how on Friday the first deal they made – stuck.  then this morning, I asked Michael to come upstairs and brush his teeth and he told me, “ok, but i can do it alone” then on our way home from the doctor he took his earphones off and said “Miss Lauren, I think you are a really nice nanny because you let me drink milk with a straw” and how every single morning i come downstairs to a. big. fat. smile from Michael saying “Oh, Good Morning! How is your day?” and that Robert on Friday came to me and said, “all my homework is done and my laundry is put away, can I play mindcraft?” and then i thought how creative robert really is. the paint picture he came up with was honestly, remarkable. and why had i freaked out, when it was an easy clean up? Yesterday Tyler came home with a note from his band teacher that he had been invited to play with a select few other outstanding trumpet players at a private concert. This morning on our way to the doctor Michael told me “you know if they have to give me a shot, i won’t even cry because sometimes we just don’t even have to cry”

like. seriously. my boys rock. they make me so happy. it’s amazing how the hardest job can be the most rewarding.

these boys are the sweetest, most intelligent and well behaved boys i have ever met. they are actual heart throbs, it’s sick. most of the time they bring the biggest smile to my face – it hurts.  they are also kids and kids push us pretty hard sometimes. they also push my boundaries and can get on my last nerve.  it’s crazy what they do to me and put me through, but i wouldn’t change it for anything. i think kids more than anyone are powerful. i’ve dealt with kids my entire life. i’m passionate about children and i truly believe they are the most important part of our society to invest ourselves in. i am seriously mind blown at how much i have learned from kids in my life time and i am completely awed at how much i have learned about myself over the last year from my boys here. i feel incredibly blessed and lucky to be doing something i love. something that truly challenges me every single day. working with a population i am passionate about and with kids who i adore, i am lucky lucky lucky.

this morning we went to the doctor because mikeman is sick. the doctor asked me if he’s allergic to any drugs and michael popped up and said, “oh! you don’t even have to worry because i don’t even do drugs becacuse drugs will make you a very, very, very bad person and if you do drugs you can’t have a job or a family or even a house.”

kids rock.




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